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So it’s February, and I know, its four days too late to start making a Monthly Goals post right now. But, oh well, I was busy with my latest posts. That gives me a pass right? (Thanks in advance to all the people who can understand!) So here’s my goals for February. January was my first month of ‘business’. I was able to attract 400 new visitors to my site, doubling my visitor goal amount. I also hit all my goals and was able to achieve even more. (You should know all about it if you re
So I have my first full month of data. And even though today is only the 30th not the 31st, I’m happy to say that I've reached my January goals and accomplished even more.My goals were: To attract 200 unique visitors to To get approved by Sephora via Linkshare To begin inserting links into my past and future reviewsWhat I've accomplished and beyond: I was able to expand my affiliate network by signing up with even more companies in my field than I initially wanted. I wa
So that's right-- I upgraded to a yearly account. I'm sure most people aren't surprised. I planned on going yearly since December but i decided to wait it out till I was close to my subscription renewal date.Why did I upgrade to yearly? Well firstly-- my site needed it. You could say why not find somewhere to do cheaper hosting and you'd be absolutely correct!! I could but i'm so new in the site development process that right now, all my time is focused on writing Content and generating Traffic
So-- two weeks ago, my site was 3 weeks old You site.. Rewarding Skincare.. my brand spanking new site!!?. (Pretend you know it please-- or better yet, visit it here: I was advised that I could start applying to affiliate companies before my site was a month old. So you guys should know, I was scarred shitless! But, regardless, I signed up to LinkShare and Commission Junction. I was lucky enough to come in contact with a great guy from Linkshare who helped me wit
So I received a Private message that lead me to creating a new post (look at this thing, its too long for email- haha). She wanted to understand my daily challenges and how I manage to maintain my site. 1) I have a full time job, working in the corporate office of Avon Inc. I'm up from 6(ish) and get home at 7(ish). I am a Hyperion Administrator, so I have my head down in code every day and all I talk about is data and scripts. 2) I just completed my Masters of Science degree in Information Tec
So its official-- in just a few more minutes i'm going to be a One Month Old Wealthy 'Affiliater'!! One whole month-- I survived! I've learned a lot!!! This is not my field of study nor my current work focus. I can read the HTML/XML code, but using a website as a user, to create my own business was a whole new language to me. Now I'm focused on traffic and conversions instead of CSS attributes. When I first joined, I must admit, I was a bit caught up with the design of the site, RewardingSkinca
Wishing everyone a Happy 2015! We've all made it to another year (hopefully you're reading this at 12am, haha). For 2015 I wish everyone the best-- Health, Wealth, Strength, Prosperity and most of all Success! Success on everything but especially our online businesses! I'm off to have fun with the Fam, and I hope you guys get to spend some time with the friends and love ones too! Go ahead people, enjoy the time.... because we have a whole year of work ahead of us!! Happy New Y
Imagine this guys, I’m actually making progress! Today, thanks to the wonderful members of my WA family, I decided to sign up with both Rakuten LinkShare and Commission Junction. Due to a slight error I made in my email address (thanks to Google's autofill), I was able to get on the phone with someone from LinkShare and he explained the whole process to me. When i first signed up, I couldn't see Sephora listed as an Affiliate. However, after talking to my new LinkShare bestie Rohit, he explai
December 28, 2014
So its been three weeks since I've been on Wealthy Affiliates. Here's a website update: Content I've already done two product reviews (keyword laced) I have 6 posts at the moment And 11 published pages Design I've changed my theme from Catch Box to a premium theme I finally got a professional looking header for the site. My Gravatar has been set and as well as my about me photo I've also finally received a Favicon Overall For the few days I think my site has come a long way. I know- I know,
Wow-- I've been on here for a little over two weeks now! So much has happened, so much I want to see happen too. My guru mentor is aggressively trying to help me succeed in this business venture and for that I'm happy! :) Wishing everyone the best this Christmas-- especially success! That's my wish to you. If I could gift it, I would have! Have a great time with friends and love ones, and be merry because if you're like me, they're the motivation behind your journey! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanu