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Good Evening to all you lovely people at the Great WA Family, as always do so hope that you are all keeping both safe and well.

Was in two minds when to start the blog this week, but the cricket, I have been watching the live stream from Cardiff has now got rain and bad light, so thought that I would make a start while I have the chance.

Also as you may gather from the title am not quite sure what to write about this week as I have been very busy with other things, not just business related.

The Last Few Days

Have made a start on moving files to the correct websites, this is going to be a much bigger job than I first thought, as I am having to check inside the website file that I am not duplicating content. However when it is completed it will, hopefully, be time well spent.

Was able to spend an hour or so in the garden the other afternoon, it was really pleasant, the sun on my back, whilst I continued to cut and prune some of the shrubs. My last Prunus to flower is now in full flower, in the bottom corner of the garden, it makes my day when I open the curtains in the dining room and see it full of bloom covering the entire bottom corner of the plot.

I have found some files on lead magnets, how they should be constructed and what type of material to use, they take some reading so I am putting them in one file to use for reference purposes when I need to refer to them, rather than have them all over the place.

You may recall that last week I mentioned that I been sent a book in which to enter my ancestors, deciding to complete it as much as possible to leave for my daughter. Made a start and also a big error, decided to make me the root person and it was only after a couple of entries that I realised that I could not put in my wife's line, the root should be my daughter. Have now got to decide which is the best way to correct the error without crossing the entires which I have made out.

Old fashioned tipex or plain paper pasted over appear to be the best bet, but we will see.

Cricket and football have taken up a lot of my time this week, but it has been a pleasant change and always nice to not only my Son, but Youngest Grandson and Eldest Great Grandson for company.

Have made a start on shredding old paper work, a chore but one that is needed to avoid to much clutter

The Next Few Days

At this moment in time I am not quite sure what my intentions are regarding my to do list, I do recall that a friend has asked me to search the records that I have on someone who is trying to find out more about his family history, so having made a start will see what else I can find out for him.

No doubt I will continue to sort out files and put them with the correct website. It will also be nice if the weather is kind to get in the garden.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

Please do take care and stay safe.

God Bless


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Hey VH

It sounds like you did have a good time this week between Cricket, your garden and and family time. That is always needed.

I worked cleaning this week. I finally got my 5 step ladder and was able to clean out all the high containers in my garage. I have extra room in there now plus extra room in my closets. It was just the first swipe through but I had a car load FULL to take to donate. I tried to get my kids to take some but no luck. I'd send pix and kept getting back "no thank you" 😏

I haven't looked at my Ancestry site in a while but I did start it with me and my ex together so I have his line as well as mine. I actually have more on him than me but my MIL has helped a lot. His roots go back to England actually. It's such fun to do. I just wish there was more time in a day!!!!!

Well, I better get moving. I have bible study then stained glass on Thurs. I'm almost done with my angel. I'll post the pix when I'm done. It's really the first thing I've made for me. I keep telling people I made her to look like me and I just keep getting eye rolls! 🤣🤣🤣

I hope you have a good rest of your week. I can't believe it's already Wed evening!!!!

Your VW

Hi VW,

Thought that you were very busy or even back in NY, but it always great to hear from you.

You have cetainly done well with your clear out, I really ought to do the same, but in the house!!

Looking forward to seeing the stained glass when it is finished.

Weather permitting I have four days of cricket to look forward to starting tomorrrow.

Have a great rest of the week.

As always
Your VH

I will send you a pix of my angel before I leave for the Dominican Republic on the 26th.

Please do, have a great holiday and be safe.
God Bless.

Sounds like you're keeping busy, Stuart! Nice that you had some good time with your family and out in the garden. Have a great new week.


Many thanks as always Susan.

Enjoy the week.


Well, you are staying busy, and that's a good thing. Good luck with your projects.

Many thanks have a great week.

Safe well and booming, Stuart.
Rain stopped play, but you didn’t waste the time. It will be a job well done before you know it.
And shredding. I’ve learnt my lesson with that. Nothing worse than sitting next to a shredder for an hour. Just what is the meaning of life.
Look after yourself Stuart.

Thanks as always Bux.
Take care,

Sounds like your time is well spent 😊

I hope so.

Sounds like things are still moving in the right direction Stuart...

Always remember to keep things simple and focus on one task at a time!

I would say that the cricket looks like a nailed on draw for Derbyshire with the forecasted weather unless they completely collapse when play is possible!!

What do you think about the new Kookaburra balls they have introduced this season??

Looking at some of high scores only two weeks into the season I would say they're very batter friendly!!

We hit 32°C here today, which is way too hot for me in July and August... nevermind the middle of April!!

Take care my friend and enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening! :-)

Hi Jessie,

Think that this new ball is funny, our spinner has taken twelve wickets already on a wicket that is not supposed to take spin?

Have a great week.


Very funny indeed Stuart and generally not bowler friendly (although your lad did well)!

17 draws from the first 18 matches of the season tells the story though!!

Have a great week as well my friend! :-)

Cheers Jessie, at least we got a draw. :-)

Always better than losing Stuart!!

Cheers my friend! :-)

Well, it seems This & That was time well spent organizing. And you reminded me I need to start working on my garden to have the blooms to view!

Take care❣️

Enjoy your garden.

All the best,


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