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Good Evening to all you lovely people at the Great WA Family, as always do so hope that you are all keeping both safe and well.

It has been an extremely emotional few days for me this week as you will read later, also one that has filled me with a modicom of pride.

I have also managed to do some of the tasks that I set myself last week, despite being told, quite correctly by a number of you that I was attempting to do far too much.

The Last Few Days

The past few days really centred around the 80th Anniversary of D-Day.

My tears began on Wednesday when I saw the service from Bayeaux, when I led a party of twelve Normandy Veterans back to the beaches, I had the honour of leading the Act of Remembrance at Bayeaux Cemetary, so when I saw that Cemetary again I thought of those twelve guys, who were amazing.

I am also proud to mention that one of my wife's cousins' who liberated Guernsey during the landings was 102 yesterday. A few years ago I was able to take him to the National Memorial Arboretum as an official guest on Armastice Day, the Duke of Glouster was the Royal, and Ray still recalls that day. I also introduced him to the then Chief of the Navy, as Ray was ex-Navy.

I was again in 'bits' when I saw the service from Normandy on Thursday Morning, I was able to keep the tears back when I arrived at the Cathedral in the afternoon for the official service, it was really good to see people whom I had not seen for many years since I stepped down from National level. It was also nice to be remembered. Had a chat with many, including the Bishop of Derby, who agrees with me that the seats in the House of Lords are so hard, it is a wonder that the occupants can think of going to sleep.

It was also good to see the County Vice-Lt again as we became friends when I was County Vice-Chairman, before going on to the Membership Council.

The service which took the form of Evensong was superb, we had a 109 year old veteran present, who, quite rightly received a standing ovation.

When I got bak home, it was a quick snack, before putting on my overcoat and going down to the local War Memorial, to join with the local Branch for our Act of Remembrance.

More tears again tonight when I saw the concert from the Albert Hall, which was also very emotional.

Back to business, I have managed to do quite a lot of sorting out, which hopefully will lead to things getting really back to where they should be. Did some more book covers, also have started an E Book Library, which is full of books to repurpose over the coming months and years.

Did also manage an hour os so in the garden, fhough it has barely made an impression.

The Next Few Days

Once I come down from the past few days, I will need to sit down and decide what to do next, only have cricket on Friday and Sunday. Hopefully might just get the energy to go into the garden. The problem that I am having at the moment is when I get outside it is too much trouble to do anything. I am not sure if I have a week off from everything that it would help, could be a thought. But one thing is certain, if I do not make the effort it will just get worse.

Regarding the business will need to start put some of the new products into the right websites, but I do promise not to try to do too much.


Having had a strange, but very memorable week, it is time to re-group and get back to making this business work, do think that some new ideas or approaches may be needed, but we will see when I start to look at what can be used in a sensible way, without overdoing things.

Must get back to learning AI as well.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy,

Please do saty safe,

God Bless


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You have had quite the week!!!!!!! What an honor indeed to be part of all this. I hope your grandkids are watching and learning from you. Many kids these days don't know nor do they care about the bravery and sacrifices in the past that allow them to live their entitled lives now. It makes me angry AND sad. You're obviously a great role model and I hope those around you are taking note.

It sounds like you've had a VERY productive week yet have not overdone. You sound better than you did last week. So, keep up the good work!!!!! You always put me to shame with your activities.

It is my granddaughter's birthday today. I've finished her suncatcher and now working on her scrapbook. No one would believe the time it takes to do each of those endeavors!!!! I enjoy them although my websites are crying for help. Hey, there is so much time in a day and we have earned our time.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Your VW

Hi VW,

Yes last week was a lot better for me, until last night when working in the garden managed to fall, jarring one of my shoulders and bruising my hip, silly boy, I know, so stayed in today, very annoying as I was starting to make some progress.

Not sure about being a role model!

Trust that your grandaughter appreciated your work that you have done for her. Enjoyment to tasks is part of the joy of doing it in the irst place.

Have a great rest of the week.

Take care,

As always

Your VH

OH NO!!!! Falling is one of the fears that most of us seniors have. Hopefully you did not jar your shoulder too bad. I find bruising takes longer to heal these days so be patient. Of course, I know that saying that to someone else is easier than doing it myself.

I haven't given her anything yet. I won't see her until the end of Jun which is good because it will take that long to finish. 😊

I hope you feel better quickly but take care of yourself!

It is not the first time that I have fallen in the garden, but it is quite a while since the last one, I find getting up very difficult, luckily I was near a low wall which I could reach, when I got my leg which was trapped under the other one moved.

Not feeling too bad today thanks you.

Take care.

UGH, can't leave you alone for a minute. 😉

So true!!

It must have been an very emotional experience for you Stuart. Thanks for sharing and have a great new week ahead!


It was indeed Susan, as they say it is good to talk. may you also have a wondefl week ahead.


It absolutely is. Thank you! :-)

Thanks for sharing Stuart!


Mel you are most welcome.


Respect Stuart and heartfelt thanks to all those veterans. We owe them.

Do so agree Bux.

Wow, Stuart!

You had a very Great week remembering the Normandy Landings, and still got a lot of other things accomplished too!

Here's to another good week, coming up!

Jeff 🙏

May you also have a great week Jeff.


Thank you very much, Stuart!


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