One year with WA! I did it!

Last Update: September 15, 2018

I just logged in to find this message from WA congratulating me for a year with this incredible community! Wow, a year!.

The lessons I've learned during this past year shall not be put to waste. They will not be put in a shadow box and put on shelf to covered in dust, forgotten about and not used. No ma'am!

WA lessons are like Jack's magic beans to me; leading up to the sky, waiting to be climbed and used.

I remember a blog circulated recently about the premiums being too high and to that I say No Way! Where else can you get top-notch education at rock bottom practices?

I figure WA into my budget and the bank takes the money out before I have even seen my check. That way I can pay my premium and not feel like I've spent any money. It is much easier for me that way. My son says I'm psychologizing myself. Lol

Well, onward and upward to the next year!!!


Rae Anne

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free4life Premium
Congrats, that is super exciting. Way to go
Mordenrose Premium
So are you celebrating?
Vickic3 Premium
Congratulations RaeAnne on your 1st anniversary and I hope you enjoy continued success for many years to come.
Kind wishes
Caf4157 Premium
LCEndahl Premium
Awesome and thanks for the share Rae Anne!!

Onward, and upward girl,