To Prove them wrong is what keeps me going

Last Update: Aug 12, 2015


Lately i have been coming across people telling me what are you doing online, i tell them online marketing, and promoting my website. the response i get back is all negative, like "it doesent work if it did work everyone would know about it" or " I think everything about that online stuff is just a scam of getting your money" and i get "your only giving your money away to people and making them rich when your getting poorer by spending more money". But even through all that i still push through because i have my mindset of im gonna show these people there wrong and i WILL succeed through this. My goal was to earn an extra income but i guess now my true #1 goal now is to prove to all these people that there wrong and you can make something of yourself through online marketing and have an actual steady income coming through. all i want to say is your gonna come across these people but dont let them get to you, you may get frustrated and stressed but it all comes with any job or buisness, you will push through you can succeed havent seen any proof for myself yet but my hope is there and thats what keeps me going.

lmk if you ever been told that your online buisness wont work, its a scam, and what motivates you guys to keep going very interested in what everybody has to say

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You are spot on Julian. There are so many people that like to put people down that are trying.
There is an old saying they need to be reminded of "If you always DO what you always DID -then you will always GET what you always GOT".
Remember too - the harder you work - the luckier you become.
You hang in there and I wish you all the best.

Thanks I like that saying I remember that good luck !!

You are welcome Julian.

Thanks for sharing. Every now again the thought of talking about what I do makes me uncomfortable because no one seems to understand. It definitely hasn't helped me with the ladies.

I can remember when I was in high school and did career projects and looked at careers that interested me. The teachers always got mad at me. I would say I was gonna be a motivational speaker, and sell books, and make 250k a year. They would say no one does that, you can't do that, that's crazy, how could you even think this. When I was looking to the greats like Tony Robbins, and thinking it would be fun to do something similar, Tony makes millions a year....At the end of the day I realize that people are set in there mind as to what they belief is possible. If they don't feel they can do it, they try and shut you down.

That haters only make us strong as we are simply encouraged to prove them wrong. I big part of why I want a sports car and nice home is to prove to the haters that it's possible.

The internet in the past was like the wild west, people would use it to make a quick buck, but never truly help people. This is were the negative vibes are coming from.

At the end of the day you and I want to create businesses where we are adding real value to peoples lives. Where we truly help them, and are fair to them. We are not selfish pigs who are ready to make money at anyone's expense. We are moral, ethical, and add true value to our audience and customers.

Power to you. May we always remember why we started on this path, and where we plan to go. We can be confident that as we honestly base out businesses around helping people that we can feel good about what we do.

All the best to you man!

Thanks for your response, you truly can accomplish anything you want as long as you put your mind to it, yes and to help people is our passion i mean i really want to be successfull on WA, so i can spread the word and show proof it actually works

I'm dealing with this now. Nobody knows that I'm doing this. I choose not to tell them. Yeah they have asked me "how much I am making" They are just curious to see if this "make money online thing" actually works but once they realize what's involved the excuses come.."I can't" I'm Too busy" "I have no time" ect.. they quit..

Plus some may ask you to teach them and then a whole new problem arises. I just ignore it. Just keep doing what your doing..

yea me too they ask what i doing and i just say online marketing stuff, just the other day i tried to explain it to someone but it just literally went in one ear and out the other, nobody will get it,

Yeah that's another thing if you explain it to them chances are they won't understand it anyway so your just wasting your time. Once you mention "Make Money Online" They automatically think SCAM!!! Yeah I was skeptical at first but once I made that first $1 I knew this "make money online thing" was real..ignore them..

Wow u made a dollar what's your niche?

That dollar comment I meant as a figure of speech. There are many niches out there to choose from.

My haters are my motivators ! :)
I dont think people realise that anyone who does this works damn hard to get to the point where they monetize from their websites.
Im near the early stages and i know that its going to take dedication to reach my goals (and a fab community such as WA!)
Keep doing your thang :D

Yes exactly, people always ask me how much have you made already I tell them nothing, but at the same time they don't realize how long it takes for people to start bringing in revenue from a website

Exactly ...! Hard work and dedication = success - This is no quick sprint to success, more a marathon...its gonna take a while but it will be worth it :)

Yeah not no get rich quick scheme I have been in too many of those programs already

Gotta love the people who say "You are wasting money" or "Those people just wanna get richer off you". Meanwhile, they're spending $100 a month for cell phone service just so they can post selfies to their social media anytime they want. Where is the value in that?

When people tell me "That won't work" or "You can't do that", my response is, "Hide in the bushes and watch!"

I like that response I should start saying that, also glad to know I'm the not the only one being told those things


What keeps me going is knowing that I am bringing value to my people. To the niche that is hungry for information, and humor and connection.

I remind myself everyday that I can and do bring value to peoples lives everyday, and if my people are happy, doesn't matter what anyone else says or things.



That's great we need more people who take interest in what there niche is and not because of just the money

I have found that the money comes when you focus first on your audience. To your success. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Have u actually receive any sales or commissions yet

Wow that's amazing I'd be ecstatic if I made that much

From my service business online I have. $3-5k per month on average. Just getting started on the affiliate side of things with the intent of creating a bit of passive (partially passive) income.

Just created my site about two weeks ago, and have had almost 800 page views. I've not really monitized it much yet, cause I'm more interested in generating traffic.

It took me about 9 months actively promoting the service side of my business, but was worth it. You'll get there. Just a few steps forward each day.

Good luck my friend.

Thanks and by the way just read your profile and saw your site how do u add your Facebook and make a email list and opt in

Thanks for checking it out!

For the optin, there are couple of components:

1) I have an Aweber account to actually set up emails and auto publish based on the sign up.

2) I'm using a plugin called Sumome that actually does the opt in pop up. I just integrated sumome with Aweber so that if someone signs up they get added to my email list and then start receiving emails (not set up the email series yet).

For the facebook piece, if you already have a facebook account, login in to facebook and there is a little dropdown arrow on the top right. From there you'll see a "create page" function that you can set up and brand as appropriate.

Hope that helps.

Thanks really appreciated

Sure thing.

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