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Lately i have been coming across people telling me what are you doing online, i tell them online marketing, and promoting my website. the response i get back is all negative, like "it doesent work if it did work everyone would know about it" or " I think everything about that online stuff is just a scam of getting your money" and i get "your only giving your money away to people and making them rich when your getting poorer by spending more money". But even through all that i still push through
August 10, 2015
So I got my domain disabled due to high loads on the server, sent the ticket and it got fixed and then is disabled again i dont know what to do i sent them another ticket and they havent gotten back to me yet, i had plans on adding a review on my site but now i cant even login or access my site feeling stressed
August 08, 2015
So Im currently in a pickle im not sure if i covered everything in the affiliate bootcamp and not sure if im doing everything correctly in the bootcamp im stressing, anybody out there wanna provide me some insight on what specifically i can do and get traffic?thanks in advance
August 07, 2015
Alrite so i made the switch im excited on what oppurtunities my furture holds