Turning A Grumpy Day Into Happiness

Last Update: Apr 14, 2022

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Hello, my very special WA family!

I'd like to share about a day,,,

Tax day is no one's favorite. I procrastinate until my last possible day off before blasting through the process. Sunday was the day.

I decided when I woke up that I needed to change my attitude, or I was going to give myself a headache and make everyone around me miserable.

Each day, I start the day with my Labrador, Ginger looking down at me telling me it's time to get up.

She stands right on my chest and stares at me until I start to pet her and thank her for being my alarm.

We then go out and she does her business and I feed her. I then do 15 - 20 minutes of Qigong to begin my day in earnest.

This particular morning, I decided to record the day, a little like Jeff Brown, but no one blog journals their day as well as he does.

I couldn't figure out how to get a pic of my Qigong practice, so you'll have to imagine that.

After some oatmeal, nuts and dried fruit, it's time to check in with the WA family. I learn a lot just reading everyone's blogs. However, the training available is unbelievable and I think if I did a training twice a week, I probably wouldn't get through all there is for 40 years. However, I get in what I can.

Once that is complete, it's time for my morning walk/run with my wife, Erin. My wife is a fitness addict, and I'll never be able to keep up with her, but we have done this walk every day now for over 2 years. When COVID shut down my clinic, I found out how much I loved spending mornings home with Erin and Ginger. I vowed, never to open my shop before noon again. So far that's held up. A big reason I joined WA is so I can make up that morning money lost. We're getting there!

So off we go into the morning!

Erin leads the way for a while, and Ginger walks between us. If one of us gets an insight, we come together and discuss it, and then the pattern begins again. I love our morning talks. We connect and it sets up the day nicely!

We get 5.5 miles in before breakfast time for Erin. She starts later than I do because she teaches dance at night. She runs a local studio teaching mostly young women the value of dance as a discipline. My wife is extremely gifted, and I am very proud of her.

On this particular day, I'll dive into taxes.
After this walk, and knowing I'm going to share it with whomever may be interested here at WA, I'm in a much better starting mood than I would have been otherwise. I'll include one more pic from our walk. The hills in the distance are the Diablo Range lining the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. This is looking towards San Jose from the Cupertino hills in the western part of Santa Clara Valley, better known as "Silicon Valley." Cupertino is the home of Apple Computer.

I decided to go to my office to do my taxes, and take breaks at home in between. My office is five minutes from my home, an easy commute. Below is my desk, which is also the reception desk at my clinic. It's only me there, a one person clinic.

And I may as well show you my treatment room as well. This is where I help folks with their various pains.

OK, now for the taxes...

I was in such a good mood, it only took me 3 hours, and voila, done and smiling!

It just took a decision to change my perspective.

So, try it! Just decide you're not going to let a task, that you don't like to do, ruin your day!

And thrive instead!

Thanks for your time to take a peek into a mundane day in my life.

I'd love to hear about yours, and maybe see a piece of your slice of heaven in a blog soon!

Until then!

Recent Comments


Hey, Al

Nice office and treatment room!! 👍👍

I can't even remember the last time my accountant did my personal and S-corp taxes without filing for an extension. As long as I don't have to do it I don't really care. 😊

Happy Easter!

Thanks, Frank!
I've been a do-it-yourselfer for so long, it would feel foreign to have someone do my taxes...

Maybyi need to let go of that idea!🤣

Thanks for the insight!

Keep on thriving!


I’m the same way, Al, but it’s such a pain, especially with an S-Corp!

The money I would lose on write-offs and refunds would pay my accountant and then some.

He got my medical office enough PPP grant money to pay him for the next 20 years, but thank God I won’t be working that long! 😊

I didn't get any PPP, because I have no employees..

I'm therapist, receptionist, accountant and janitor.

I should rethink my strategy🤣

Great office and great treatment room.
Being able to work in that environment would chill me out enough I wouldn’t even worry about the taxes.lol.

Thanks, Stephen!

I'm fortunate that I can work in a very chill environment, and barefoot as well🤣

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my post.

I promise never to worry about taxes again!

Keep on thriving!


That doesn't look mundane to me at all, Al! It looks very exciting and pleasurable, and the images are spectacular, my friend!

Thanks for a little peek into your world! I believe that when we do this, it inspires trust and motivation with everyone we associate with here! Thanks for the nice shout-out!

Good on you for tackling and knocking out the tax beast! It IS a Great feeling, indeed! (Not DOING them, of course, but rather GETTING THEM OUT OF THE WAY for another year!)

At long last, there is a good chance that I will finally get to meet a couple of WA members as they drive back through my neck of the woods in May after visiting their son in Kansas city! (That would be Archie and Letty [Bridges] & his wife--unless something prevents it, but so far it is a tentative thing)

I love your Furry assistant, Ginger, and your wife looks like a wonderful companion for you! I wish my marital situation was better, but we all must play the cards that we have been dealt, and see how thingsd ultimately turn out!

Thanks for a wonderful share, my friend, and have a very prdouctive Thursday!


Thanks Jeff, you inspired me!

You're the epitome of an honest, real person, not trying to be anyone but yourself, and it's extremely refreshing!

And it's really nice to see inside your life, so I took a crack at it.

I do love my work and my little family. I'm extremely blessed, and am grateful each and every day.

Taxes done, yes! They didn't hurt too much as I had a lot of write offs and less clients last year due to COVID.

I'm glad you're getting some WA visitors!
If I'm ever anywhere near Kansas, you can bet I'll be contacting you!

You're always welcome here, in knows how much you like Cali🤣

Take care, my friend, and keep on thriving!


You're very welcome, Al! Your kind words are appreciated, I am just simply doing what I always tend to do! Nevertheless, I am honored and humbled.

I'm glad you did take a crack at it! It was really GREAT, and it was very well done! Even if you only include a brief glimpse in your posts from time-to-time of your "goings-on", I feel like it will keep your aduience engaged, and wanting to come back for more!

You and I both feel the same way, my friend! I just wish my familial issues will rectify themselves, but who knows when that will happen! I will persevere no matter what and keep getting done what needs to be done, no matter what the final outcome turns out to be.

You ARE extremely blessed, my friend, and it shows!

I'm glad those taxes are out of the way for both of us, and mine were negligible for the same reasons too!

I am too--if and when it occurs. Unfortunately, I'm not in any position to travel, but when they reached out to me, I was more than happy to accomodate a luch with them! I think it will be GREAT fun! Same for you too!

If I am ever in a position to travel there, I will give you a heads-up. The only time I have ever been to Cali was for half a day in October 2004. A girlfirend and I at the time had purchased a car on eBay, and we flew into Ronald Reagan airport to go and pick it up to drive back to Kansas! That was fun, it was in the LA area, and I can't remember the smaller city in that region where we went to get it. Unfortunately, it was overcast that day, so we could only look at the beach--no one was out there. That was the first and last time I got to see the Pacific Ocean in person!

You take care, as well, and let's both keep thriving, which sadly seems a bit harder to do these days!


Thanks, Jeff, well keep pounding away at it though. I know you'll never give up..
I promise not to either!
You and Monica are going to figure this out.. you've got too much going for you!

Take care!


You're welcome, Al, and thanks for the encouragement!

I will never give up, but as far as Monica is concerned, the ball is in her court right now. I've done all that I can do. She has to make the next move. Fortunately, I have a lot of things going on now which keep me occupied!

Thanks again, Al!


Great to hear :) My day was lousy, lol :) But it can be better :) Our choice!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, Laura!

I'm sorry your day was lousy! But, you're absolutely right, we have the choice and tools with our mindset to make things better!

So I hope your day is better now! Here's some 💐 to help!

Thanks again for your comment!

Let's keep thriving!


What a positive message, Al. I'm.glad you pushed through and did what you were dreading to do :)
Now you can sit back and enjoy the remainder of your day.
Continue to make every minute count

Thanks, Simone, for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog and comment.

Yes, pushing through is about right! But not everything is lollipops and rainbows is it! I learned to eat and enjoy Brussels sprouts and asparagus at a very young age. Now I know we can make the tough stuff fun as well.

I will enjoy the day and make each minute count. That's very good advice!

Stay well and thrive!


Likewise ;)

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