To the victims of Las Vegas.

Last Update: October 03, 2017

Hello everyone,

My blog today will be a bit different. I just wanted to take a few minutes and acknowledge the horrific tragedy that took place in Las Vegas.

My heart goes out to the families and everyone affected by this senseless act.

Right now is not a time to get political but it is a time to show our love for the human race.

Let's all take a moment and hug our kids, our families and our friends. Show kindness to a stranger, hold the door, Pay it Forward.

No matter what, let's make an effort to be extra kind. Thank You. Pierre

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jtaienao Premium
A nice message to spread following this tragic incident. Thanks for kindly sharing this thought Pierre.
Ptrep27 Premium
Thanks Jerome
Very much appreciated.

Talk soon
MozMary Premium Plus
you alerted me to it, I don't watch the news, so I went on google to find out more and clicked maybe the second site that came up

- can you believe some sick sites show pics of the victims dead on the ground, crikey, how low will they go to attract traffic for their ads!

so I hopped out of that site and from the headlines it's another mass shooting - they say all of those [outside terrorists] have been side effects to meds, ssri's and stuff like that...
Ptrep27 Premium
Unreal, I don't understand it. Never will.
I am shaking my head.
Take care
MaryV1 Premium
So very true. Maybe if someone had shown some compassion and love for the shooter he would not have gone to such extremes.
Ptrep27 Premium
It is so hard to accept but it makes you wonder what happened, so sad.
Thanks and take care