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Hello,I usually write several times a week but have not in a week or so for a reason. Even though I live in a safe area, I was actually robbed last week. I am ok and was not hurt but I have had this sense of security taken away from me.Knowing that my personal information is out there for someone to use is also very concerning and the cost of replacing stuff is beyond aggravating.I will look at this as a challenge and just get over it and become stronger because of it but having that feeling in
October 13, 2017
Hello everyone,I think it is important to remind ourselves everyday at the importance of having the right mindset. It does not matter if we are starting at WA or if we are a seasoned veteran. Believing you can do it is key. I have been with WA for over one year now and yes I am making money and making decent money took a while, no such thing as a quick fix. So I am writing this to remind myself and others that if you feel like quitting, don't, imagine if Walt Disney quit after being turned down
October 06, 2017
Hello everyone,Today, I wanted to talk about auto-responders and discuss options. Most online businesses will want to built a mailing list to build loyalty, increase engagement and get sales. It is not unusual for someone to visit your site and not buy anything, if you can figure out a way to get them to come back to your site, now you are talking. Having a newsletter and offering an incentive is a great way to get someone's email addie. Offer a discount, a free item, offer value of any kind. W
October 03, 2017
Hello everyone,My blog today will be a bit different. I just wanted to take a few minutes and acknowledge the horrific tragedy that took place in Las Vegas. My heart goes out to the families and everyone affected by this senseless act. Right now is not a time to get political but it is a time to show our love for the human race.Let's all take a moment and hug our kids, our families and our friends. Show kindness to a stranger, hold the door, Pay it Forward. No matter what, let's make an effort
Hello Everyone,Today I wanted to talk about a simple yet effective way to grow your business.In the past I have been asked questions, read comments and completed training like everyone on here. What I see over and over is people wondering how they get others to visit their website and maybe buy at some point. Since I try to be honest and transparent, this Is what works for me. I won't be the first nor the last to mention what I am about to say. Here we go.I think we buy as much into people as w
September 29, 2017
Hello Everyone,Just a quick note to say that I made it to Top 200. It was actually never really my goal but I really enjoy helping others and next thing you know, I made it.I intend on helping or interact even more inside the community. Please come and say hello.I would really appreciate it.Talk soon and take Care.Pierre
Hello,While my post today might sound obvious, it is easier said than done. I am talking about consistency, it is the key to your success. I wasn't always consistent but success came once I did. For example, I do live videos every day, it is a great way to build my audience using Attraction Marketing but I am also a huge football guy so opening Sunday a few weeks back, I watch like 4 games and did not broadcast, well, I received a message asking what time I would do my video, that was a reminde
Hello Wealthy Affiliate family.I wanted to take this time to share a little of my story, NOT to get sympathy but to show that even after life throws you a curve ball or 3, having the right mindset makes all the difference. So thanks for reading. Note that English is my 2nd language so please accept my spelling mistakes.Here we go.When I turned 50, it was a big deal but for me, it was the beginning of great things but instead, it was a horrible time that lasted over a year. I lost my sister to
WOW, one year ago, I joined WA. I knew next to nothing about WordPress, Clickbank, Digital Products, Dropshipping etc etc. I knew about EBay. That's it.I learned so much, I made mistakes and it did take me a bit to learn what 'MY' niche is. (Digital Products) but no matter what the road was, one thing was for sure. I did not quit.Now I make $1000 a month and year 2 looks promising. It is not millions but it helps.Ask me any questions you may have, I will help as much as I can. Remember. Walt D
I am so excited, after months and months, never giving up, I slowly could see my revenues go up. $50 one month, $100 the following month and this month (June 2017), I finally did hit $1000 for the month. I am doing the happy dance. I still have 37 sales in the queue for July so this month looks even better.It took many many months, I second guessed myself a few times but never gave up. I tested a few options, tried a few auto-responders and worked really hard on becoming a more positive person.