Keep it Simple

Last Update: June 12, 2015

The secret to good teaching / training is to keep it simple.

This does not mean that you simplify things as you might to a 5 year old but it does mean that you explain using words and terms that the person you are speaking to will understand.

Your Blog Posts

You are most likely using a SEO plug in to help you rank well with your blog posts such as SEO Yoast. These plug ins will often tell you how readable your post is to your audience. Interestingly they rank you higher when the reading age is that of a 12 year old rather than an experienced adult.

Who is your blog post for? Even if it is for a well educated and technically minded audience it is still best to use and explain terms for a wider audience if you want wider readership.

For most us us looking to make money from affiliate marketing the 12 year old reading ability is a good one to aim for.

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ENyaga Premium
I guess after all the rush and activity of an entire day any adult is very likely reduced to only assimilating well things written for a 12 year old. These people do have a point.
MarineMom Premium
It makes total sense not to alienate any of the readers. That you for bringing up a valuable point.
Adeng Premium
I'd say I have to agree with you there:)
Larry_T Premium
Interesting words of wisdom.
TerrBarr Premium
Great advice, keep it up we use a similar focus when crafting a speech.