Good-bye AdSense, hello Media dot net! Serving affiliate ads in a flash!

Last Update: March 05, 2019

Good-bye AdSense!

Setting up adsense is ... confusing? Difficult? like jumping over barbed wire? like interviewing with the FBI??? pick any two.

Hello Media net! is fast and easy to setup and once they get familiar with your site content, they serve relevant ads.

I'm So Happy may be the number 2 ad network overall, but they are number one in terms of ease of use and setup.


I could not get "Hello Media net!" or "I'm so happy" to be "h1" tags for some reason...

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NuttaneeK Premium
Thank you for sharing! :) will check it out.
RDulloo Premium
It's the first time that I'm hearing of Media net. That's great information.

Thanks for sharing.. :) I'll go take a look.
PaulMondo Premium
Good one Pawn. Thanks for make it known to us. I will give a go on that and see for myself. If it works, I'll kick out AdSense.