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March 21, 2019
I try to limit my blog posts so that others can quickly scan them. One thing I'm starting to think is important is a list of best resources. So here we go:Best non-Adsense general affiliate program:Media.netBest Email list builder:Let's refer to Jadatherapy's post on that.
Good-bye AdSense!Setting up adsense is ... confusing? Difficult? like jumping over barbed wire? like interviewing with the FBI??? pick any two.Hello Media net! is fast and easy to setup and once they get familiar with your site content, they serve relevant ads. I'm So may be the number 2 ad network overall, but they are number one in terms of ease of use and setup.P.S.I could not get "Hello Media net!" or "I'm so happy" to be "h1" tags for some reason...
Handling an opposing ViewpointI got to the Site Comments part of the training last night. I read through a blog post 3 times and felt the author was missing something very vital. So I then wrote about 200 words that I felt would help him and his audience. The author rejected my comments, stating: "These comments do nothing to improve my article or website. Your comment is entirely political. You don't say anything about my post, or my site, or my images, or my writing style."The first thing abo