To Be a Wealthy Affiliate or Not To Be a Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: February 13, 2017

That is not the question! Little did I know that I can have cake and eat it too.

The scorecard reflects a 0 to 0 draw thus far. I'm neither wealthy and although known in small circles I'm no guru affiliate as of yet.

I'm growing and grooming a niche' presence in new places, and at newer heights than ever before. My website is still ugly but it is optimized, indexed and is progressively being 'interior designed' with applicable suite content. Did you get that? Suite (sweet) content. Appetizing, tantalizing, digestable, nourishing, healthy content. I know, I know ... but I'm trying. ;-}

Pages have been, are now, and will continue to be formatted to appeal to an existing and ever growing global audience. An audience, mind you, which direly needs the information I've been and will continue to be sharing.

The very contradiction in the caption above is meant to be thought provoking. Medicine is sick care. Nutrition is health care. Words and pictures formed in our minds are too often replaced by the next thought as opposed to the last lesson. Medicine is necessary but in no way is medicine mandatory. Medicine should not be the "go to" shotgun, no huddle offense that pummels mankind daily, hourly, even every second. Variations of "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" are quoted widely - but is the message utilized?

Well I'll be ... I believe a firm foundation has been built upon which I can confidently set new building blocks upon (juicy content within pages) and focus more clearly upon erecting an indestructible fortress. A fortress of ongoing education to any all whom dance upon the floors, whomever ganders at the framed decor of its walls, and even for those peering skyward in new vitality anticipating that tomorrow dawns new opportunities in health and wealth. Wow. I can't wait ... can You? Don't!

We are all quite fortunate to be here, perhaps for a short time, but the future looks great from here. C'mon up. Bask in the view. Now open your eyes and see that this landscape includes YOU.

This post may be over but the message is clearly not. You must ACT or you'll continue to be forgot.

D James

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Shannonkamal Premium
Great execution! Very captivating and informative. Can't wait to read more.

Powerhousevi Premium
Thank You for your kind words Shannon. I'd best get busy with new posts and blog entries, eh? ;-} All these nice things people are saying is going straight to my head (which was my intention anyway).
I am equally excited at the prospect of your success(es) herein and in all your business endeavors.
The next few Chapters are going to be quite thrilling if the past few have been any indication.
Thanks again. Be Well, Be Safe, & Be YOU! I am ...

... DJ
@powerpillarsv -- True Health & Wellness Page @ Facebook

Daring to Take a Road Less Traveled
Mfjanowski Premium
Awesome writing style, enjoyed this...
Powerhousevi Premium
Thank You. Unsure where I got any particular style from ... merely try to write in an oral environment. As if I'm either talking to myself or in a forum with what I assume others might say, think, or question.
kasage00 Premium
thanks for sharing!
Shinobi57 Premium
Great post - looks like we have a lot in common with our sites.

Love the 'medicine is sick care' not health care graphic.

Kind regards,

Funkydunc208 Premium
Thank you for your post. All the best with your writing.