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Last Update: August 21, 2011

Many years ago I read this story, it is as true today as it was then. Everytime I see a new 'Guru launch' I think back to this story:

Mr. Amazing’s Wealth Attracting Rocks - $20
Money Back Guarantee

Onlookers gather around the mysterious salesman and soon one approaches him.

“How do I know these rocks really attract wealth?”

“They work based on universal laws and are proven effective by quantum physics. You don’t have to do anything except think about wealth. The rock does the rest.”

“And you’ll return my money if it doesn’t work?”


The onlooker pauses, then slaps a $20 bill on the table and leaves with his magic rock.

Mr. Amazing pulls another rock from a box and gently places it upon the table.

Another onlooker steps forward.

“How do I know these rocks work?” he asks.

“Well, I could tell you all about universal laws and quantum physics, but instead I’ll prove they work right here, right now.”

“Okay. Prove it.”

Mr. Amazing points to the $20 on the table and says, “See that? It wasn’t there just a few moments ago. I manifested it using my magic rocks.”

The onlooker thinks for a moment, then realizes that Mr. Amazing is correct. The money wasn’t there just a few moments ago. He immediately slaps a $20 bill down on the table and he, too, leaves with a magic rock.

The remaining onlookers are now closing in on the table. They overhear Mr. Amazing and another customer talking.

“How do I know these rocks work?” the customer asks.

“You see that $40 on the table? It was only $20 a few moments ago.”

Hearing this, the crowd goes mad and everyone is now fighting to be the next lucky customer.

But soon, reality sets in on some of his former customers. Most are too embarrassed to ask for a refund, but a few do just that.

“I’d be happy to return your money, but are you sure you have been thinking about wealth?” Mr. Amazing asks them.

“Constantly,” one man assures him. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I know my rocks attract wealth. Just look at this pile of money here. It’s much, much larger than it was when you were here earlier today and I owe it all to my magic rocks. Perhaps you aren’t thinking correctly.”

The customers look confused. After all, Mr. Amazing is correct. His pile of money is much larger than it was before.

“You know,” says Mr. Amazing, “I really want to see you folks enjoy the same type of prosperity I enjoy so you might consider taking one of my wealth attraction seminars. They aren’t cheap, but they really work for me.”

His customers lean in a bit, but seem uncommitted.

“I’ll tell you what,” Mr. Amazing says, “I’ll even take $20 off the price of the seminar. That way you’re getting all your money back and get to learn my advanced success strategies.”

The customers fight to present him with their credit cards.

And soon the day is done Mr. Amazing tallies his earnings. To celebrate, he goes out and buys a new wardrobe, a luxury car, a new home, and plans his dream vacation.

The next week, he is spotted at another fair and overheard saying…

“How can I prove these rocks work? Just look at all my success. I didn’t have any of these things last week. And I owe it all to my magic rocks.”

With that, Mr. Amazing is mobbed and becomes a legend.

And though many will try, none of his customers will be able to duplicate his success or discover the true secret behind it. But they won’t give up for they’ll still have hope. After all, they’ll still have their magic rocks.

The end.

(Oh if anybody wants a rock they are on special at $20 $17 $14 $7 for the next 24 hours only!)

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Pobman Premium
@Barnabus: Thats OK... the 24 hours sale has been extended... but there are only 3 left! :)
Pobman Premium
@The Dressage Husband - well I dont think they sell any magic rocks here... OK perhaps there is a little too much self promotion advertised, but the core of the courses is quite true... at least for somebody to start out with.
Pepper Guy Premium
Pobman......LOL....I'll have to pass on the rocks this time. I'm still trying to figure out what my "Pet Rock" I bought 20 years ago likes to eat. (but this post did give me an idea for a niche)
So is WA another guru story? Or can others still make it work? What are you trying to say here exactly? I did not give you any Gold as it would start the amazing magic blog post story!
So is WA another guru story? Or can others still make it work? What are you trying to say here exactly?