In and Out But Still in Love With WA

Last Update: November 13, 2010

I've got a lot of separate family issues going on at the moment. I'm focusing my attention there so I'm not in WA too much. In fact I'm a little gutted because I'm behind in my WA club which is so great and I've already got such a lot from.

But these issues have to be faced and tackling them head on is the best way to do it, otherwise they'll stack up as baggage and regrets.

I just want to let my buddies know my heart is here and I stop by and visit even if I don't have the energy right now to say much.

 I'm not sad - frustrated definitely [lol] - but it just feels right to check in. Hope you guys are all great and marching forward, I think of you all the time :)


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DABK Premium
Hey, Paula
Was wondering where you went.
Labman Premium Plus
Sending you good energy to cope with your crises. We miss you, stop in when you can and remember you have friends here if you need a shoulder.
jatdebeaune Premium
Hey Paula, I hope things are OK with your family. There are major health issues in mine right now. You take care of yourself. Always love your blogs and news.