IM - Angels and Demons

Last Update: October 04, 2010

It's a funny old game :) !

Over the weekend I received email saying I'd achieved platinum EzineArticle status and I was like a dog with two tails. At that point I hadn't had my 10th article submission reviewed, and my first one (way back) was initially rejected. I'd not done anything really bad, it was just my first attempt at article writing when I knew nothing about it and very little about IM in general. So I was pretty chuffed. In fact I think it meant more to me that all my educational certificates put together because I wasn't jumping through anybody else's hoops. I was just being me, writing about concepts I feel are important. That's my Angel.

So now I'm writing to sell. It's my 2nd selling article and I'm sure it's fine, but I'm so concerned about losing my platinum! Why is that? I'm not bothered about status and nobody else reading knows about that anyway. It's mainly (or should be) about losing that 48 hour publishing turnaround time. But in my heart of hearts I know there's more to it than this. I can almost feel myself grasping that achievement, frightened to death someone's going to take something away, or I'm going to do something to lose it [lol]! What is it? Is it achievement? Or approval maybe? Is it fear of yet another failure I'm feeling? Hmm ... sniffing out a demon here [lol].

 The great thing of course is I'm watching this little story playing out in me with some humour, which makes it far less destructive than if I was unconscious of it. And it's not that I don't have answers to all these possibilities, though in my experience it's usually trickier handles one's own issues than helping somebody else work on theirs [lol].

 Funny though how this business presents so many opportunities for growth, both personal and financial...


Hope your day's going fabuloso!

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PMV Premium
@Andy Hey, thanks for the encouragement and good dose of straight to the point common sense [lol]! I can just relax now and nip the threatening procrastination in the bud :)
@Joan Hi, Thank you :) I'm not much into gene therapy, but if there was one to switch on an "I don't care" gene I'd be there like a shot [lol]! It's definitely a diamond trait :) @Roger Thanks, looks like I'm panicking over nothing so thanks for taking the time to reassure me :)
morlandroger Premium
Congratulations on Platinum. I have had a few articles rejected since I got mine but corrected them and got them accepted. No mention has been made of losing status.
jatdebeaune Premium
Hi Paula, Congratulations! Now you don't have to wait around so long for articles to be reviewed. EZA had rejected a couple of my articles because they were too editorial. On Father's Day, I wrote about my grandfather as an example of good parenting. EZA wanted more info. Perfectly OK. I don't care. Put it in my own blog and just carried on. Who cares what they think. But it is an accomplishment and an advantage to have platinum. So, good going!
andys43us Premium
Paula, there is no way you can lose your status. Trust me, you are a good writer. And selling is the purpose of ezinearticles. Nobody would use them if they didn't allow selling. Relax and just write. And they are really really lenient with Platinum Status writers. I have submitted quite a few really really low quality articles (that I got from outsourcing) and they accepted them without any problems. So relax.

And yes my day is going fabuloso. :)