Honestly - I really will have to commit murder soon ...

Last Update: October 14, 2010

if this ************ keyword research doesn't prove the death of me first!!!!

Grrrrrrr ...

Right. Off to watch telly and be very grumpy.

Vent over - feel better.

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andys43us Premium
yeah Paula, sometimes you just get stuck. I feel sort of the same way right now. I usually sleep it off. Hope things will be better tomorrow.
PMV Premium
Hey Larry thanks :) Maybe I need a longer break [lol] ... I'm all restless and just wrong again today ... not really like me to feel like this two days in a row. Feel a bit stuck behind brick walls. Thanks for cheering me up though. It was great to read the other day how you're hanging your earnings up with all the wise cracks from your family - that made me laugh, I could just feeeeel the gleeful satisfaction! Yeah Joan - I think I watched the wong thing [lol], Simon had bought The Book of Eli - we never got to the movies to see it. It was kind of ok but I'm never great with bits getting chopped off will-nilly and it was a bit of a funny end really. As I said, ok but not a feel good film. I think I need something to either bawl my eyes out at and get it all off my chest, or laugh my socks off ... really just don't know what's up with me, seem to be banging my head against a brick wall!
jatdebeaune Premium
Yeah, when you feel that way, it's a clue that you need a break. What did you watch on the telly?
famousplumber Premium
Hey! Nice Lady! Go do something for you, Paula! Take a lil break. It's ok!