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I am a retired plumber and plumbing company manager from Phoenix (man is it hot) Arizona. I'm building a plumbing help website as well as a Wordpress blog and funnel site here on WA.

I believe in truth and honesty in everything I do. As I progress through this morass known as internet marketing, that truth will be locked into all my efforts. Along the way, if truth and honesty, instead of lies, deceit, half-truths, fake OTO's and ridiculous upsell attempts, cost me some sales, then so be it.

I belong to Wealthy Affiliates and SiteBuildIt. They are different in many ways, yet have one thing in common......TRUTH!

Also, just want to say that most of the good people here at WA are caring and helpful. If you "hang around" in the forums, you will encounter positive and negative comments. Remember, be who you are and learn in your own way and time. Just do it!
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jatdebeaune Premium
Hi famousplumber, Thank you for the invite Look forward to being friends.
famousplumber Premium
Man, I've researched the heck outta the niche I'm entering and it looks promising beyond belief! I am VERY happy....especially to be back here at WA. It is way improved from two years ago. Not that it wasn't good then...it was. Just so many upgrades. I beat the price increase....thanks to Travis!
jeffrey73 Premium
Welcome to WAU, It's always good to see someone making their way OUT of the construction field! :)
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
famousplumber Premium
I am a recently retired plumber and plumbing manager. I built a website for my ex-employer, using a different host. Now I am back at Wa ( I was here for a year in 2008-2009) and I am going to learn interner marketing for me! Rock on!