Commitment to Mistake Making ... Hmmm

Last Update: October 08, 2010

Earlier on this week it occurred to me that a way to break through many obstacles is a simple commitment to making mistakes - full on. I mean positively embracing them, rushing forward to met them with open arms, so to speak. That should blast through a few perfectionist cobwebs if nothing else!

 I'm sure I've heard something similar before but I don't know, it just felt a stronger feeling in the shower this week. Maybe it was striving for Platinum and then being afraid to lose it that triggered a solution.

The thing is, my next article was rejected, not one but twice! And for the life of me I can't get to grips with the nuts and bolts of why. And I'm a nuts and bolts kind of woman.

Not only that, the feedback I'm getting is ... mmm ... not hitting the spot in terms of specifics shall we say. And my teacher isn't getting back to me. Now that's ok because we all have lives outside business ... and I can't help being continually prodded by the notion that my answers are within.

Bu**ered if I can get them at the moment though ... except maybe just make more mistakes ... but without feedback how's that help? Hmmm ... ponder ponder ...

Right, better ponder to the bus stop or my boss will be pondering on no wages for Paula! Hmmm ...

Great weekends to all,


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PMV Premium
Thanks Guys @Joan Yes it was EZA. I was so frustrated, not because they rejected, but because I just couldn't get why. That gap in communicaton and understanding why they say what they say seems pretty common. Thankfully I've received some good suggestions so I'm all perky again [lol]. @Hey Larry, thanks :) I think he had the right idea. I wonder how much difference it would make if we all grew up learning it was just as great to make mistakes as well as get things right first time. I bet we'd have a whole lot more balanced society [lol]!
famousplumber Premium
Paula- I believe it was Warren Buffett who said something like, "We learn more from our mistakes that our successes". For me, that is true, since I make way more mistakes than achieve successes. That's what makes every little success so sweet!
jatdebeaune Premium
Paula, if you're talking about EZA, don't worry. Just try to follow their guidelines as well as you can. I mean, try not to break their rules without being inhibited. Sometimes they do ridiculous things. I put my sister on my account because she writes articles for our business too. Well, we don't write the "same" article. For a while there, EZA kept insisting that each include the other as a co-author. Now they're letting us be separate. Some of the other directories are not as nit picky, and also have high rankings, such as ArticlesBase. Wouldn't you love to get a job as one of their editors and just fix what's wrong with them. At least to communicate more clearly with the writers, and stop frustrating people.