High and Low

Last Update: January 31, 2016

It's the Last day of January which means that in a week and a day I'll have my 3 month anniversary here at WA. When I look at all that's happened in that time I'm amazed. I have learned so much and gotten so much done. I've put up two sites. One is very skimpy but the other one has 21 posts (soon to be 22 - I'm waiting for a video to upload) and 7 pages. It was getting some traffic, but the past few days it has dried up.

So that's my goal from now on, to keep publishing and to find out more about how to get traffic for my site. I've been reading a lot about that here at WA and have accounts on G+, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. So making some progress even if it is all getting a little exhausting.

I'm also getting up in the ranks at WA - now at 118 with 1,000+ followers and that's great.

So I'm feeling positive, but not always sure what the next step should be. I have the goals I mentioned about and will just have to frog about until I figure out how to do them consistently.

Those are the joys of being a newbie. I do appreciate that I am here at WA where there are so many people with great answers, rather than out there in the internet jungle.

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JudeP Premium
Well done so far and all the best as you move forward :)
freedom1207 Premium
What an an amazing accomplishment in just 3 months, Michael! Way to go. So glad you are here. Warmly, Heather :-)
DELJAR Premium
Don't worry, Michael you have already achieved a lot in just 3 months
time. That's already an accomplishment. Well done! As a newbie myself, I'm still taking my time to learn everything like gathering materials by doing research, looking for updates in articles and reviews to top up my own knowledge for the contents that I will put for my niche. I just joined this year last January 12. If you want some tips regarding how to improve your content, pls. read my recent blog by clicking this link below: Hope this helps and please stay positive and don't let any negative vibes put you down.
Wishing you continued success in your online business!
Adel : )
MBSWomen Premium
Well done, what a huge feat in such a short amount of time. Indeed keep publishing and moving forward in your efforts and you'll certainly reap the rewards.

Kind Regards

LisaChristie Premium
Fantastic progress Michael. I am a complete newbie so it is inspiring to read about what you have acheived already. Best wishes, Lisa.