Ooohhh Yeeaa WA Sure Deal "My Second Commission"

Last Update: December 01, 2020

What a Big deal and Commission from Wealthy Affiliate.

With great thanks I would love to explode in much happiness that I have and want to share it with you all my members here at Wealthy Affiliate, is the receival of my Second commission from wealthy affiliate.

All I started 5 Months ago, and its like I was almost getting discouraged by the way how all things were moving.

One day I woke up and found on my 100 Sales for Vegas when have turned to 99 left to Vegas, and this was on Oct-13-2020, here I earned $8 in Commission out out $19, this was archieved from my online business of my website for health and

Then Today, 1st-Dec-2020, I am surprised with the total commission of $23.50 from the sales commission of $49.50.

Members, this is a Sure deal or a sure Win for Both of Me and WA. This is a WIN-WIN Situation for all members here at wealthy affiliate, to see that who ever you refer to WA, you will have to share the Sales to WA almost Equally in the middle with WA.

I have looked all round in the online marketing and Affiliate Marketing, and found nothing that resembles wealthy affiliate in the nature of commission sharing.

This is a dream business in mind I had thought of when I have been scamed very much for long time in many platforms but to find out that there is only one that is working in the same manner like that of Wealthy affiliate, am sure that has never been created.

So, in my conclusion, Wealthy Affiliate is No:#1, 100%, 100% or may be, 1000% No:1 in the world.

I hope this Blog is going to help many of my members here at WA and those in the entire world wide make an informed decision to when it comes to make money online, they make up their choices wisely by making WA one at heart, and also members who have been thinking of quitting to stay and do more than they have been doing and if possible to double or triple the work done.


Paul K.


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HildeRegine Premium Plus
Pkizito1 Premium
It is my pleasure
Newme202 Premium
Well done on your commissions. Keep moving forward
Pkizito1 Premium
You are welcome,
Mattylinc Premium
Awesome stuff:-) I cant wait to follow in your shoes, and start getting some of these awesome referrals coming in. As you said, it is a very generous affiliate program here, like no other.

All the best going forward.
Pkizito1 Premium
Sure You can write, stay seated all day all nights trying to write posts to your site but Not knowing when you will make your first sales.
RayAleksandr Premium
Well done, congats, Paul! Keep going!
Pkizito1 Premium
Thanks, My Coach