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December 09, 2020
Intro,Today I have been awarded with the Dedication Budge, and I would like to also myself dedicate this achievement to you all my friends here at WA, since when I was joining WA I did not know that I will for one day at a particular time like this that I will be here receiving this award. This has been the joined efforts for each and everyone here at WA whom I have been disturbing with all my silly questions and they did not get tired of me and kept on answering whenever I asked.Lisa, you are
What a Big deal and Commission from Wealthy Affiliate.With great thanks I would love to explode in much happiness that I have and want to share it with you all my members here at Wealthy Affiliate, is the receival of my Second commission from wealthy affiliate.All I started 5 Months ago, and its like I was almost getting discouraged by the way how all things were moving.One day I woke up and found on my 100 Sales for Vegas when have turned to 99 left to Vegas, and this was on Oct-13-2020, here
Hi, Members I am so excited about reconnecting back to my site and with the full added chance or offer of being a premium+Plus.As many of you know how many advantages this comes with, much more happy to be served by the best in this Business, thanks goes to Kyle and Carson.I am happy for all the free offers involved with this +plus and all I ask of you is that when reconnecting try it out and learn much from the Live Classes from our best and Founder of WA Kyle.Allow me to make this a shot Blog
October 23, 2020
Yes 4 New & First Amazon SalesHallo wonderful people here at Wealthy Affiliate, I am so happy to write to you this exciting News of my Success Yesturday I was checking my Amazon Account and what I found is that I have 4 Sales with my commission already placed in.I just 4 Months since I joined WA, I was have having doubts about my site that may be it will never make it, but I just realised that I just need to put in a lot of my time such that I continue to publish contents such that the site
Reading Food LabelsIntro,Hallo evryone, let me hope that by this time of the day as you read my post, you will pick one item that is helping thousands of people out there who go for shopping at any given time without bearing in minds that they should first read the markings on, in and under of the products an given by the manufacturers.Body,Over the past 40 years, the range of foods availabble in packets, Jars and cans has increased dramatically.Legislative bodies recorgnised that consumers req
Intro,4 Months Aniversory This is going to be my shortests Post ever because am handling three articles I would like to publish Today, But I want to let evryone know that I am here to stay.BodyI am so super excited about being able to pay for my Fourth Month Resubscription here at wealthy affiliate. I know now how it feels like to have the courage and zeal to Pay every Month even if you have not been able to see results yet.I have been a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate for the Past 4 Months
Intro.Hello, My WA Community Members and Friends. Once more I have been trying soo hard to reserve some extra time to see myself writing and posting this Blog Post.Body of my Blog.Things that I did not Know and put into consideration before I introduced my Website to the world.I admit that I was New to this business and all the education or studies from OEC were all new in my life. So at the beginning I was doing things of let me try this and see whether it will work, but to tell you the truth,
MINT PLANTI love WA, because it's the only place where I share what I know with the ones whom I feel that they are less Cared or leftout.Intro:Am sure to many of us here at WA, have seen or heard of the above plant am here to talk about as a remedy for our hair loss, and having given a second chance to have my hair back, It sounds like magic but it's true and worth the effort of trying it out, the plant lovers can use it for decolations in their home compound gardens, but it's alot more.Histori
Hello Member of WA,Today' is my lucky day, because am about to share the best plant God had ever created and that is none other than the chocolate.Am sure as I am talking about it, there is you have started watering your mouth when you picture that age time.Commonly known As.Cacao, Chocolate, cocoaBotanical NamingTheobroma cacao L.From the of FamilyThe MalvaceaeUses as a Medicinal plantIn, Cholesterol, Cough, Diet/weight Loss, Eczema, Hypertension, Nutrition, Skin Care, South_American, South_Am
August 06, 2020
More Certification continues to flow in am sure if there is something to be good at is this study and get certificates am qualified for this I wish if also doing practicals was easy too I would be very far but am good there is nothing too had to handle.thanks to all who gave me the help I need it more and I thank everyone who gave me the feedback to my website am greatful to know my mistakes early enough. I an now asking for another help with the Google Search Console?KP.