Search the Best 47 FREE Stock Photo Websites From 1 Place!

Last Update: December 30, 2016

Search the Best 47 FREE Stock Photo Websites From ONE Place!

Finding good quality, free stock photos can be a very difficult process. You're often limited on size of the images, how many you can use, etc. Lots of these lists pop up all the time and you quickly find out they aren't too helpful.

These 47 free stock photo websites which have over 60,000 high quality HD images.

( If you're not interested in the list of the sites this tool accesses, scroll to the bottom of this article )

All sites on this list use Creative Commons to license their photos. Many of the photos are taken by professional photographers who have offered their photos to the world. Many of the sites credit the photographer of the photo, so though it’s not needed, if you enjoyed the picture go find them on Twitter and thank them for contributing.

  1. Pexels
  2. PixaBay
  3. LibreShot
  4. Magdeleine
  5. FancyCrave
  6. StockSnap
  7. toookapic
  8. kaboompics
  9. picjumbo
  10. Littlevisuals
  12. JayMantri
  13. MMT
  14. FreeNatureStock
  15. BARA ART
  16. Freely Photos
  17. Barn Images
  18. GoodStockPhotos
  19. Picography
  20. Negative Space
  21. SplitShire
  22. Realistic Shots
  23. StreetWill
  24. Boss Fight (strange name for a stock photo site eh?)
  26. Bucketlistly Photos
  27. Creative Vix
  28. DesignerPics
  29. freestocks
  30. travel coffee book
  31. Foodies Feed
  32. My Stock Photos
  33. ISO Repubic
  34. Stokpic
  35. Joshua Hibbert
  36. Minimography
  37. Picle Jar
  38. Alana
  39. Stockified
  41. AvoPixs
  42. Nomad_Pictures
  43. (a few more, not listed)

It can take an enormous amount of time to simply sift through just a few of these. But....

What if there was a tool that will access ALL OF THEM from one query??

Introducing LibreStock:

" LibreStock is a meta search engine that scans and indexes the stock photos from 40+ different websites. We provide you with the biggest searchable database of free high-quality stock photos on the internet. "

BOOKMARK this place! It's my new time-saver!!!!



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TanjaRita Premium
Thanks PJ! I have heard of Libre Stock but wasn't sure if all the images were CC0 license. I prefer the look of images on sites that don't have an attribution underneath.

The last time I checked the site I found there were discrepancies between it and pixabay for example. I used the same search term on both sites but librestock only showed me 17 images whereas pixabay had 4 pages of images.
justcruzin Premium
Now that looks cool! Thanks PJ.
drjec Premium
This is really a great tool. Thanks for sharing.
SM1976SC Premium
This will be so useful! Thank you for sharing!
paulgoodwin Premium
I always shoot my own but this is amazing info for others and thank you so much mu friend!