Influencer Marketing - Klout Part 2

Last Update: October 27, 2016

Okay, apparently I've hit some sort of training submission limit and I have to wait before I can submit more. Odd, since I took a sabbatical and all.

Working on my wee training series of .... How to

Get Other People to Share YOUR Stuff for You!!

If you missed it, here's the link to my Klout intro:

What is Klout all About ?

Also, gaining FREE TRAFFIC from two other sources:

Exposure, Traffic, Branding and more: inbound

Viral Content Buzz:

Get Your Content VIRAL - More on Exposure, Branding, Traffic

I have a Part 2 video on Klout I wanted to share. (I even tried appending the other, but no can do.) It will simply have to wait. But, for Tanja and another member, I wanted to go ahead and at least get the screen shots of the iPhone app for Klout and give you a quick tip on using it....

Here's the initial screen on my iPhone when you first login. You'll notice the articles go across the bottom. You simply SWIPE LEFT until you come across one you wish to share, which doesn't take me long at all. Then, you tap and DRAG UP.

After it's in the upper part of your screen. You can then add a hashtag or two or three, watch your character count. 140 is the limit, but as I mentioned in the video that I can't publish, you have to give some for the image itself. Also, in the upper right, you can tap the social icons (Facebook or Twitter) and turn one off, if you wish, or go with both on and share to both social networks. (That's the part Tanja asked about)

Then, you simply tap the Share link in the upper-right and swooooosh.... it's sent to Twitter and FB. It takes merely seconds. I use this app a TON when I'm running errands, standing in line at the grocery store, waiting on the doctor or between sets at the gym. Again, I'm sharing other peeps articles and I DO see and share mine from time to time.

But, it's a great way to connect with influencers and they will share your links as well. (See intro video, linked above). Also, of course, with the mobile app, you can change your topic selections and check your Klout Score for that day (it changes daily).

Well I hope this helps! I have other traffic sources that I use frequently I will share when I'm off restriction. :-)



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Always the best help and training, thanks and saving. have a great weekend. my friend.
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Thanks for this, PJ.
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Thanks my friend. Part I is already in my pipeline. I'll check both during the week-end.
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hanks for this Klout orientation PJ
VRudio Premium
Thanks for sharing. I never thought about all of this, Sometime, I think I'm on different zone. Luckily, we have members, just like you, willing to show and train. Thanks again for a good post.