Got to be patient and put in the time. The point when it finally hit me.

Last Update: March 03, 2018

You have to be patient and put in the time.

My morning has been pretty good. How has yours been?

I actually went to bet at 11pm. That is pretty early for me. An then this morning I woke up at 8am. I normally wake up at 4:30 am, so 8am is very late for me.

The rest is definitley making a difference. I feel rested.

I made it to my 9am eye doctors appointment and that is when it hit me!

Be patient and put in the time

The doctor's office is brand new and has an amazing design. It has been built in a perfect location. I am glad I chose this location. As soon as you walk in, you feel like you are going to be taken care of. I mentioned this to the doctor and he made me fully understand what it took.

He was patient

He was at a small, crowded and hidden location for many years. However, his dream of a perfect location was not lost. He new he had to be patient and not loose focus. He provided great service and took care of his staff. He built a great customer base.

He put in the time

He was at his last location for over three years. He opened early and closed late. He even opened on Saturdays. He put in hour after hour and always kept his goals in mind.

His success can be modeled

He explained how happy he is with the new location, his amazing staff and loyal customers. He said that if you are patient and put in the time, you can succeed at anything. Finally, he said that anyone can repeat his process.

His Process at WA

I will try this at WA. Have I put in the time? No. I need to dedicate a few more focused hours to WA. I may be at my PC but, sometimes I have Facebook open or some other training open at the same time. The time on WA needs to be more focused.

Have I been patient with WA? No, I have not. Sometimes, I want to try things on my website without moving forward with my training and my training is falling behind. I started the Boot camp as soon as I made it back home and only stopped to write these thoughts down in a post.

Gotta get get, Boom Boom... Boom Boom....

OK, its time to put in a few focused hours and be patient. Back to training.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

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JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
great post good advice
Kw33du Premium
Thanks for sharing! You are right. Nothing happens overnight and takes time and patience.
gjshawk Premium
Patience is a virtue, and it's what we need here if we are trying to use content to attract visitors. I've learned that it's a slow process and you have to keep at it. Patience and work, those are important keys.
manne13666 Premium
You're absolutely right. Good luck on getting on with the training here and you site.
skendrick4 Premium
Patience is the most difficult part of the work.
Thank you for sharing. It is good to remember patience.