Google Kills the Cookie

Last Update: January 23, 2020

Google Kills the Cookie, Leaving Digital Media Companies Craving a New Way Forward

How does this affect our blogs?

It is unclear to me how it will affect our blogs, so I am hoping some PROs will enlighten me. Thank you!


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Kyle Premium Plus
This will not impact affiliate links, they are first part cookies for the most part. They are here for sure.

It is more aimed and third party ads that people publish on their website. They will be hurt by this news (if they cannot come up with a solution) as they are 3rd part cookie publishers.
pitin Premium
Thanks for the clarification Kyle! That’s a relief!:)
DerekMarshal Premium
Basically, it is going to affect those using the advertising revenue model more.

One wonders how google then are going to track and target ads for their own adsense program...
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great question! I'm hanging around to view the discussion!
Tmgreen Premium Plus
There was a writeup about this last year. Google is apparently going along with Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). They maintain a "Blacklist" of known trackers and if your affiliate platform is running on a known tracker, your 3rd party cookies won't be read.

The impacts can affect affiliates and affiliate programs alike that use cookies. If your affiliate program credits sales based on cookie information, then you may not get credit for some sales. There are other potential impacts as it relates to tracking and metrics also.

The good thing is that it will won't be implemented until 2022. I imagine by then everyone will be moving to cookieless tracking methods.

It will be something to watch going forward.


Noteboom Premium
It should be great in my opinion! More trust.
pitin Premium
Can you further elaborate this please? I don't use AdSense (and the likes) and only have affiliate links in my sites, so I'm not sure how the killing of the cookie works. Thanks!
Noteboom Premium
It is my opinion and it can be 100% wrong.
But I can´t see it is a problem with the affiliate links as they move people to the correct site.
I use ads too and it could be a problem but most of them move people to a special site.
But it can be something included in it. But on positive things, my opinion is (like more and more rules have been set about in Europe) that it is not Google business to know which come to the website. So my first feeling is that it adds trust to the site. People know that they can go around and see what they want with ou thave a track over them.

But maybe are I absolutely wrong.
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for sharing, we wish you the very best.
Darren :)