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Last Update: March 09, 2014

One of the advantages, although there are many, of being an Internet Marketer is that you can do it from anywhere. How cool is that? As long as you have a decent internet connection and a laptop it really doesn't matter where in the world you are. I never really thought about it much until this weekend.

My family has a beach house down in Baja California, Mexico. Photo above shows view from the house. It's less than a four hour drive from Los Angeles. No one had been there for months so I decided I better get down there and have a looksie. I brought along my laptop not really sure about the internet connection at the beach house. I remembered last time I was down there it was super slow and there is nothing worse than slow internet, actually there is but you know what I mean.

So, here I am in Mexico and writing this blog at this very moment. The internet works perfect and I'm working from a third world country. I think Mexico is considered a third world country. If I'm wrong please correct me. My point is, I took my show on the road and I kind of had that aww moment. If you asked me if this work can be done from anywhere, I would tell you "yes of course it can", but everyone knows that. Actually being here and doing it made me really realize for the first time. I could actually be anywhere on the planet with internet and work, even when traveling from one place to another.

I have a new found incentive to keep moving forward with my learning and training at WA in my quest to become a successful online entrepreneur. I love to travel and surf more than anything. With my ongoing education here at Wealthy Affiliate and with the help of this awesome community I will acquire that level of success needed to realize my dreams.

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WrightA Premium
That's fantastic!! I had wondered about the internet connection on the beach, and it's good to hear it works on yours. Whoo-hoo! Freedom to travel, here I come!!
Btw, just a side note, when I click on your G+ icon at the top of your blog I get an error message. You may want to make sure the correct G+ link is in your Account Settings. :o)
Bill67 Premium
Nice Pic thanks for sharing and it is nice to be able to take your work where ever you want to
Karyskis Premium
The beach looks beautiful. That scenery should be a writing inspiration. Enjoy!!
hwdirect Premium
Wow, that's great, and didn't you find that working was so much enjoyable? I know when I get away and take my laptop with me I seem to get so much more done in the time.

I'm very envious of your view from the beach house, that must be awesome. Keep motoring on, you'll soon be there a lot more.
pesurfmayr Premium
Yes I agree, it's more enjoyable to work when you are somewhere that you enjoy.
bridget61 Premium
I know it must be wonderful to Travel and have your business right at your finger Tips.
That is also my plans. Enjoy