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Last Update: March 07, 2014

Does this happen to anyone else? Recently I have had three referrals come to WA through my affiliate link. It seems they sign up as free starters, but that's as far as they go. They were all sent the welcome email and then a follow up reminding them to complete their sign up process and to get started and write a profile page. Not one has even responded. The funny thing is, I'm not even sure where they came from.

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hilarybassak Premium
The Joys of Internet Marketing
Faraz Ahmed Premium
Same thing happened to me. I dont know where the referrals came from. One is still a free member , while another upgraded to premium.
pesurfmayr Premium
Well that's great, at least you're making a commission off one of them. I have three and none have shown any activity since the day they signed up.
Shawn Martin Premium
This is a numbers game. All of marketing is.

Only a small percentage actually will convert, but here at WA the conversion rate is quite high compared to other programs.

You can get referrals from any blogs or training you may have written, videos you may have made, or any other place your affiliate link may have appeared.
mamazepp Premium
Be positive... at least you are getting referrals! That is a great start! :)
Bill67 Premium
It is a numbers game and about 12% will go premium
vhamilton Premium
This comes under where Kyle says 12% of who joins goes premium. Everyone who joins is not going to follow through. As a matter of fact
a large percentage won't go beyond signing up.
bill2409 Premium
You are obviously doing something right to get referrals so don''t concern yourself too much at this time. When people see the WA offer they will be suspicious and who can blame them, we have all seen these scams that entice people in with low or free offers. There will be others to follow to my friend who will see the great opportunity in front of them.
Wayne Wallace Premium
We are in the sorting business, we just place in front of them, if they are ready then they are ready if not we move on to the next.