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So going over the training a second time I see that hyphens in the domain name is a no,no. I must have missed this first time round with so much to take in.But my domain is now out there - with hyphens.Will this affect my rankings to the extent that I can be marked down? If so should I delete my website and start again? (Without hyphens)Will I be able to use the content of the old site on the new site?What other problems will I have should I delete?Oh the horror!I feel as though I cannot move o
January 30, 2018
A false start. Okay so who has suffered from the false start? Come on hands up. I have with W.A. In mid 2017 I was looking for a way to boost my income prior to retirement I came across W.A. It ticked all the right boxes.The possibility of a gradual increasing income.A healthy income within five years.Interest in computing (though a technophobe). Not physically demanding bearing in mind not as young as I used to be. Fit the hours around existing job as a mental health nurse. An interest/hobby/p
I have now reviewed three websites and can see that some people use a template for this which seems a good idea. Is it possible to create a template on site content, write the review under the necessary headings and then publish it to the Feedback box? I think doing it this way would save a bit of time.Also if you do use a template - What headings do you use? Apologies if this has already been done. Still finding my way.Regards, Paul.
September 03, 2017
So, Level 1 complete. Going premium was a no-brainer. Do I go the whole hog and get annual membership? See next weeks gripping instalment.