Wealthy Affiliate Has Sent You $250.00 USD!

Last Update: August 01, 2019

This is my second commission from Wealthy Affiliate. And I have another $200+ yet to be released.

I am a begginers and I started here at WA around October 2018. This is my 8th months here at WA. And I can tell you that I have learned alot about online marketing.

As soon as I learn the truth, and good and bad side of wealthy affiliate, I decided to take the challenge of going yearly premium.

The purpose of going premium was to learn, just like you pay fees anywhere else online or institution for a year to get the education that you pursue. I always wanted to learn about online marketing and creating website.

I am thankful that WA was a kind of place I was looking forward to learn.

The good thing about wealthy Affiliate is that, when you follow throuhg the step by step training and accomplish all the tasks and take immediate actions throughout the training program, you can make really good amount of money exceeding beyond your yearly premium membership fees.

In my case, the first two commissions covered the total cost of my yearly premium. In other words, the education I get at wealthy affiliate doesn't cost me.

Let leave you with this encouragment.

If you are at the verge of giving up let me tell you that I felt the same as a beginner and I am still a beginner. I can not write better English, I cannot create a very attractive website, I am struggling to get traffic to my websites, but yet I can still make commission to cover up for my yearly premium. If I can make it happen here at WA, then I believe you can do much better.

Revisit WA again, there are nuggets everywhere throughout the training where you can grab for yourself.

I wish you all very best in you training and accomplishments.

God bless you all.


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TimMoto Premium
Nice post, Paul. Keep on aiming high and you continue to soar. Sometimes it take a few of us longer..myself included.
PaulMondo Premium
Very true Tim. Glad to hear from experienced people like you.
awesome to see that, puts faith in what we are all doing here ...thx for the post.
PaulMondo Premium
Thanks and God bless you.
BonifaceN Premium
Wow, Paul! Great encouragement right there! You are a blessing indeed. And God be with you.
PaulMondo Premium
Thank you Boniface. This is encouraging me.
merlynmac Premium
Thank you for this... It's now my social media share post for next Monday!
PaulMondo Premium
No worries.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Awesome Paul!

Congratulations my friend, I love my monthly commission emails from PayPal through WA, Jaaxy and the other sites that I promote my friend.

You are well on your way to financial freedom my friend,

PaulMondo Premium
Thanks Tony for this encouragement.