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The screenshot shows my earnings from WA referral program for this month (June 2022). This is to inform all the WA Starter Members that it is absolutley possible to make more money than you can invest here on Wealthy Affiliate. And that itself makes WA become one of the best online marketing platforms in the world.A WA Starter member recently asked, "Can I start earning now by sharing my links to any social media platforms even I am still in a starter level?"With no DOUBT, the ABSOLUTE ANSWER
What Makes Wealthy Affiliate to be One of the Best Affiliate Marketing Program.The following are my list of rating Wealthy Affiliate as One of the Best Affiliate Marketing Program Online. If you would like to add or subtract. What would be your one personal reason to rate Wealthy Affiliate Best in the Online Marketing Industry?1. Low Cost.The low cost of web hosting, training, and support is unimaginably incomparable and yet WA is providing 100% fully secured hosting of websites.2. Best Trainin
Monthly Earning Report - Oct 2020Hello WArriors and friends. This is another update of what I earned in the month of October 2020.I still consider my-self a student in the online marketing world. But what I like about Wealthy Affiliate is I am able to make real money while I am learning and building my business online. There is no end to learning here at WA because everyday Wealthy Affiliate members are publishing dozens of new training. I have reached three figure income this year and I aim to
Monthly Earning Report - Aug 2020Hello WArriors and friends. Just want to update what I earned in the month of August 2020.I still consider my self a beginner in the online marketing world because I am still learning and earning at the same time. I have reached three figure income this year and I aim to reach four figure income by 2021. This month,referred 97 new WA referrals,24 of my new referrals have completed their WA profile account, which awarded me 48 WA cash credits,Made 2 new premium s
Hello WA'rriors! Just popping up here to share about my criziest week with Amazon Association.I joined Amazon Associate last year and had made 2 sales and was short of one more sales and so my associate account has been closed. then I didn't bother to try again until begining of this month. I joined Amazon Associate again and this time to become a fulltime associate member.I did some research on low hanging fruits keywords follow
August 08, 2020
Today, I have reached my twelvth month of becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member here at WA community.I am glad to share with you all that my next 12 months premium payment at the amount of $299.00 USD has been paid of in full from the $1.00 USD WA credits I have been collecting from my refferals.I just wanted to say thank you to the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson for providing many ways to earn WA credits to sustain my Premium Membership here. It was a bonus to me as a
You're in the Top 200 at WA!Congratulations are in order because you've achieved a top 200 member ranking at WA. This means that you're active, engaged, you're helping people, asking questions, and involved within the community at a high level. Well done!----------------------My Ranking & Statistics here at WA.Helper rank - 168. Creator rank - 231. Activity rank - 188. Member rank - 170.Wealthy Affiliate is truly an amazing community of amazing people who know what it means to PAY IT FORWAR
Hello WArriors,Just a quick update for the month of July, 2020.Receiving WA Commision on every first day of the month is always encouraging. For older guys, it may feel normal and usual means of earning. For newbie like myself, it is always exciting and encouraging to go one step forward in my learning and development here. In the month of July I referred 101 starter referrals. 13 of them completed their profile setup.I reffered one premium sales.I sold 5 domains.I earn USD$ 363.50.Just wanted
Wealthy Affiliate has Excititng Affiliate Programs.My Beginning at Wealthy Affiliate.Each one of us has our own begining here at Wealthy Affiliate. Here is my begining in brief.I joined Wealthy Affiliate community and became premium member since October 2018. I am one year and six months here at Wealthy Affiliate. I started off as a very begginer. I had no background nor knowledge and skills whatsoever about affiliate and online marketing etc, ... But I had a passion to learn about it by hard.
Wealthy Affiliate can refund its premium members in Full.This is the second time that one of my premium member got his refund from Wealthy Affiliate. If you are one of the premium member who have been waiting for your premium refund, then wait paitently, its on its way. Please don't ask me how it happened, rather ask Wealthy Affiliate Support team to get better responds. Something that struck me with this current refund that on the screen shot above. My referral had access to live and premium a