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I was a month old when Black Friday notifications were all over my inbox and dashboad at WA. Back then I didn't know much about the Black Friday thing. But I didn't want to miss the 49% discount. It is actually $0.82 cents per day to host and run your full online business. And later I have learned that this is the lowest price ever in the industry. And the amazing things is that you will be grandfathering this amount.That time I didn't earn enough to pay my bills but I thought if I am serious a
It was an awesome feeling today looking up my Amazon account. BOOM! I made two sales with a commission of $2.40. Not bad, right?I have recently run a new website focusing on reposting important news about my country. At the end of every article I run Amazon's Native Shopping Ads. Each post I have tried to put up ads that are relevant to my readers and the geograpical location. I started putting up the ads three weeks ago.It wasn't much worth celebrating but it's worth the feeling of success.GIv
There are no short cuts in life. To any place worth going, there is always a way. To some places it may have only one way. To some places it may have multiple ways. We all have joined Wealthy Affiliate at a different level and different point in time and took trainings in our own unique ways.Some have joined with vast experiences and fair knowledge in the industry. Others may have joined WA with little or no prior knowlwdge of affiliate marketing. I've joinned WA without any prior knowledge abo
I joined wealthy affiliate and became premium on 13 Oct 2018.Today, which is two more weeks away for me to turn one at WA and I am blessed to announce that I have reached a milestone with my Wealthy Affiliate monthly commissions of making three figure income. This is my third commission from Wealthy Affiliate. I look forward to learn more and put more effort to promote wealthty affilate to further increase my WA monthly commission in the months and years to come.I haven't put much effort into o
Here are 5 things to do;1. Build you Network - Wealthy Affiliate is truely a community of like minded people. Don't be shy to connect with new members. Like them and follow them even if they don't follow you. Because you will be notified of their activities here at WA and it may be of great help and benefit you in the future.2. Volunteer to help other members - If you come across someone asking question seeking help. Give a hand and try and help. Even if you don't have the answer, try to resear
How to Sign Up for the Amazon Affiliate Program. How do I successfully join the Amazon Affiliate Program?Amazon remains one of the Earth's biggest online store. It is FREE to join Amazon Associate Program. You can earn up to 10% advertising fees with the most trusted e-commerce leader in the industry! In this step-by-step guide to setting up amazon associate program account, I will guide you through to successfully setup initial account with Amazon Associate Program with screen shots from each
How to Create Smart Campaigns to Drive Traffic to You Site.Hello everyone.Thank you for checking out my latest post!I want to share with you all the step by step guide on how to create Google ads campaign to drive traffic to your site that leads to conversion. If you are a beginner and still deciding to do google ads to build your traffic to your site. This acrticel will be very helpful. There are two categories of Google Ads Campaign. 1. Search Campaigns2. Smart CampaignsLet's focus on Smart C
This is my second commission from Wealthy Affiliate. And I have another $200+ yet to be released. I am a begginers and I started here at WA around October 2018. This is my 8th months here at WA. And I can tell you that I have learned alot about online marketing. As soon as I learn the truth, and good and bad side of wealthy affiliate, I decided to take the challenge of going yearly premium. The purpose of going premium was to learn, just like you pay fees anywhere else online or institution for
April 14, 2019
Time flies. Here I am six months ago today. I was supprised today 14/04/2019, to receive a 6 months dedication badge. These previous six months were great learning period for me. It was very challenging period, trying to make time for WA with my ministry and teaching schedules. Atleast I didn't give up but I pursued and determined to learn as much as possible here at WA.First year at wealthy affiliate I commit to learning and promoting Wealthy Affiliate with my first website. Some people can sa
SPAM IS A NO, NO!I received email notification around mid day today notifying me to check and moderate a new comment on one of my posts. Excitingly I logged in to my website and was kind of amazed by the lengthy comment. The author was Alisha Ross. Under her name was a website linked to dark porn net. I kinda smiled and told her that you hanging around and throwing your words to a wrong person at a wrong place. Spammers have no place on my website.I copied and pasted here the comment if you are