What Wealthy Affiliate has done for me. First day of college tomorrow!

Last Update: June 24, 2018

Well, it is going to be happening! I am beginning my first day of college tomorrow morning.

I wanted to post what Wealthy Affiliate has done for me. There are certain events that happened in my life, that lead up to this moment. If not for Wealthy Affiliate, there is no telling where I would be.

It is the little things in life that lead up to greater things.

The training here at Wealthy Affiliate lead to me deciding to go for an Associates degree in graphic design.

I recently received my list of classes.

APP 101 Computer Fundamentals
CCS 101 Psychology Motivation
CCS 299 Professional development
DES 103 Beginning Vector Illustration
DES 104 Beginning Image Editing
DES 105 Page Layout tools
DES 109 Graphic Design 1
DES 113 Typography
DES 114 Print Production and color Theory
DES 209 Graphic Design 2
DES 240 Information Design 1
DES 241 Web Design 1
DES 242 Logo and Identity Design
DES 243 Layout Design
DES 244 Package Design
DES 245 Advertising design
DES 246 Digital Animation 1
DES 248 Web Design 2
DES 250 Portfolio Design
MAN 105 Marketing
MAN 210 Entrepreneurship
MAN 223 Internet commerce
MAN 230 Advertising Principles
CMN 201 Communications And Public Speaking
ENG 101 English Composition
HIS 220 American Civilization
MAT 220 College Algebra
PHL 260 Logic
SOC 220 Sociology

These are my classes and my area of studies. The university and counselors are aware of my past head trauma. I will be receiving tutoring for help with my studies. This is a huge step for me.

I never imagined, I would be studying for an associates degree in graphic design.

The past 2 weeks, I have never signed so much in my life. I have thousands of dollars to pay back in student loans. It will all be worth it!

There are lots of people that are behind me. Lots of friends and family been rallying around me.

There are a few people that knew, I would be working in a career involving something in the arts.

Lots of people have been praying for my success. This made me realize, this is God setting the wrong things in my life right. So extremely thankful for the many blessings.

I have worked extremely hard to get to this moment in my life.

All my dreams are becoming reality. When I joined WA, I never realized it would lead to something greater. Never doubt anything. Things happen for a purpose!

I want to thank Kyle, Carson, Jay and all those within this community, as well as those that work behind the scenes!

So extremely thankful for all those that work to keep Wealthy Affiliate great. Thank you so much for all you do on a regular basis.



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JeannineC Premium
Who knew something like WA would lead to something else so wonderful! Congrats on your new beginning. TBI's don't have to hold you back - always remember that. I know you'll do great with all of your classes!
Paullamb777 Premium
Thanks so much. No, I am not going to allow anything to keep me from success. have come this far, there is only a little more to go!
I will get there.
Loes Premium
Wow, am I glad I am following you! You're going to become a master degree!
Enjoy your first day in college, and by all means, blog about it here!
Paullamb777 Premium
Thanks so much. I am really tickled. I am getting my Associates first. I have been informed, if I can keep at least a 2.5 grade average. The university will give me a scholarship fully paid to receive my bachelors degree.
Loes Premium
I wish you all the success in the world!
TheBlessing3 Premium
Happy for you! You have a long journey ahead of you but you can Do IT! Praying for your success too.
Paullamb777 Premium
Thanks so much for the vote of encouragement, and prayers! I am really excited. I want to see my entire student account filled with assignments for the week. Been waiting since I signed up. Extremely excited to start on studies.