I earned my 6 month badge today, want to give a report

Last Update: May 01, 2017

Yes, I have been here for 6 months already. There has been so much that has happened, so many positive things in my life. I have such a supportive Fiance', She has put up with a lot of things others wouldn't have.

We are both working toward building a better future together. I am here on Wealthy Affiliate, and she will be going back to college in a few days, once spring break is over. We are both working toward building an online business together.

I am working on tying up a few loose ends. then I should hopefully be making some commissions soon. I have been so busy lately, everything is a blur!!

All I will say is that this program is for real and it produces real results. You just have to really apply yourself and all of your dreams will become reality. Where else are you going to get a $50,000.00 education for just pennies.

I have a little bit more training to go and then I already see over the horizon, That all My hard work is definitely going to pay off.

Everyone that works hard within WA always has a success story. Please don't listen to the nay-sayers that say it doesn't work. They are the people with the employee mentality, you need to think of yourself as already successful and you will be successful....Think like an Entrepreneur....Fake it until you make it!!

Don't lose faith or give up hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Best of luck to everyone here at WA. May all your dreams become reality.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog. Thanks to all those that have shown massive support. I appreciate it more that you will ever know.....Thanks a million!!

Best regards,


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JMercer1 Premium
Congratulations Paul and best wishes.
susanmacneil Premium
Well done! Congratulations!
markr0675 Premium
Thanks Paul
Linda3Adams Premium
I'm faking it until I make it, like you said. This is very good advise for ALL aspects of life!
Lourens83 Premium
Hey Paul

Well done and thank you for the inspiring words.

Best wishes