How to reply to a question.

Last Update: October 25, 2013

Just a heads-up for newcomers. When you ask a question, the person who answers should hit the reply button on your question. His reply will then indent under your post.

If you then want to reply to him, then hit your own reply button and your answer will appear under his.

When ever you want to reply to someone in a long stream of answers, the best you can do is move your eye upwards to the first time you see the word reply, and click there. Your own reply will then appear at the end of the list of replies.

It took me a while.

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IOLE Premium
Never thought to ask. It's good you're a mind-reader, Paul;-). Thanks for the tip!
oilean Premium
Good reminder - definitely guilty of spotting the Reply option after I've entered my reply as a new topic. Thanks :)
georama Premium
For me too, but now I am wiser,thanks.
BIS Premium
Sensible advice. It's one of those things that you think should be obvious and it isn't until you know!
Hudson Premium
That's a good point Paul, took me a while as well,