Challenge accepted and Success!

Last Update: December 04, 2016

About three weeks ago, one of our community members issued a challenge. I accepted the challenge without a clue as to how to go about it. LOL

I was to choose a social media like Twitter, create an account (which I had via the earlier training modules) and gain 20+ friends. It did take a while to get the hang of using it, but another community member mentioned using a tool called Crowdfire. I found people, found those who were not following me and was notified of people that followed so I could react.

I chose to write to each one, let them know a brief story and it was fun. I am still a little overwhelmed with all the tweets that come through, all the WA emails I receive and still trying to write several Blog posts a week. I have not attained the blog post challenge at all. I have sorted out my Niches though, and now must settle on one or two and focus.

This is a huge undertaking that I am enjoying every minute of. I do not consider this work. I have only made 2 small sales I think. though, I have to admit, I have not learned how to check Amazon etc. for activity.

Today I have

Tweets 192

  • Following 342
  • Followers 267

  • AMAZING. From ZERO to 267 in 3 weeks. And... several are in conversation and most are of the same interests as me. WOW. Thank You WA!! Thank You Community. Sorry I have forgotten who issued the challenge, but THANK YOU!

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    MKearns Premium
    Great challenge and accomplishments Patricia!
    MPollock Premium
    Nice work
    LinDash01 Premium
    Well done Patricia :) It's great to learn new things isn't it :)
    WilliamBH Premium
    Well Done Patricia .. Very Inspiring. Cheers, William.
    onmyownterms Premium
    That's awesome progress. Thanks for sharing.