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Last Update: May 24, 2017


Online marketing can lead to financial freedom. But what is "financial freedom" for you?

Financial freedom is when you stop living solely for survival reasons and you can afford to invest in your personal development.

This is when you have a sufficient income level to no longer need to think daily about your daily bread, and that you can then devote more time to creativity, the study of the world; Things that are very difficult to do in a survival life.

At the same time, financial freedom for me - it is not only the level of income, but also its combination with the relative freedom to move and the complete disposition of its time. You can have a lot of money but do not have time for yourself at all, not even on weekends. For me it is certainly not the definition of freedom.

Before going any further, I would like to give you my definition of financial freedom:
Financial freedom is the ability to live the kind of life you want without having to work hard, and not depend on anyone.

Do you think you can become financially free? The good news is that anyone, including you, can build his financial freedom if he decides it firmly. So, the mindset is the starting point of your journey towards financial freedom.


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I am one person that so Much want to have a finacial Freedom and i believe i SM gonna reach it, but is financial freedom only obtained through internet?
Kind regards

Thank you Darlin for the interest !


I like your definition Pat I think that many folks would like it as well.

Thank you for your comment !


Been planning my online empire for years. Any minute now...

Yes and yes , you are on the right track .. Thank you for stopping by..


That's some good food for thought. Thanks

Thanks !


Very achievable, and this is the place to get it done.

Thank you for the interest !


Definitely achievable.

Thank you for stopping by !


"Financial freedom is the ability to live the kind of life you want without having to work hard, and not depend on anyone". This is totally what I want 150%

Thank you for the interest !


Financial freedom to me would include paying all my bills for a year in one shot and not missing a meal than having a life without those concerns.

Thank you for stopping by..


I love your posts Patrick, I will disagree with one thing you said. I think no matter what we have to work hard to achieve anything and keep it, I don't think it happens and then the keeping it there is just a cake walk. I feel like financial freedom for me would be knowing the people I love most in this world which I can count on one hand, who always have my back no matter what, are taken care of and that I was able to make sure of it. It is being able to do anything needed because someone is in need and I have it to give..... I love working, I truly do, I will work myself to the brink of bones and blood, but I am uncomfortable as you said without a nest egg to learn and grow, it has always been flying into the fire with nothing and hitting home runs, and as I age I see I have wasted so much opportunity that most folks wouldn't get thinking it would last forever..... I want to do this differently...... I hope you and I both find our freedom my friend.... Wishing you and yours the very best of evenings....

Warmest Regards,


The financial freedom comes without too much effort when you do what you like to do otherwise when you are passionate about your job. At that time, you don't even know that you are working but you are making money.. And Internet offers that kind of opportunities...Thank you so much for stopping by..


The internet is indeed the money line Patrick!

Yes Mike, I can't agree with you more..


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