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Last Update: October 14, 2016

New webpage on Promoting Your Work

I just added a new webpage to my site,, in hopes to help people promote their message and product. It's for pastors and leaders, but the philosophy and strategy applies to everyone. I am posting it here in hopes that it will help you. I'm thinking you probably know this stuff even better than me. If so, I invite your critique and better ideas. I hope you are making good progress. Here it is.

Times have changed.

Pastors and leaders can no longer wait by the phone (hanging on the kitchen wall) for an invitation to come. The world has changed and ministry has been caught up in those changes. Unless you build an online "platform" to stand on and promote your ministry, chances are people will not hear your message.

Actually, this message is for the pastor and leader who has something to say to those outside his/her traditional church walls. This is for the person who has something that will bless others and wants to share it with the world. Keep reading and you will see the big picture and a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Big Picture

Here is the big picture of what you need to do. Whatever ministry you want to share with the world, you have to build an online platform to stand on to promote your message and product. You need to do the following.

  1. Create a name and register that name with the city. The process is cheap for a "for-profit" ministry. To create a non-profit ministry, that's a completely different process. Good luck with that!
  2. Create a domain name to use for your website and online promotion. Go to a website hosting company and purchase a name. Try to use the same name you registered. Buy a .com. It's the most effective one.
  3. Purchase a hosting package. The hosting company will offer a number of packages to host your website online. Just buy the cheapest one for now. You need this hosting to put your website onto the internet.
  4. Create a website. There are several options here. But choose WordPress. It is the most popular and the easiest to use. Trust me. You don't want to choose a website program that is too difficult to use. At this point, you have the choice of learning how to make a website, which was what I did (WordPress trained). Or, you can hire someone to do it for you. You need to create an e-commerce website to sell your products. But if you just want to write, then you need just a blog-style site. But remember that uploading your website onto the internet is like a drop in the ocean! Who will find it? People think that building a website will solve everything. Actually, the real work of promotion still lies ahead.
  5. Set up PayPal. Set up an online donation button on your site so that people can support your ministry. You will find that support will come from the most unexpected places. And you need to make it convenient for people to donate.
  6. Create social media and connect it to your site. Whether you like it or not, social media is today's way of communication. Use the main ones like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. But it really depends on where your target audience is.
  7. Create a newsletter. This will be an online newsletter where you will begin the work of promoting your product and services. This will be connected to your website where people can freely and easily subscribe. This is very important! Your goal is to get emails! Wherever you go, promote your free newsletter and get emails from people who like your stuff. In this online letter, you can give out many free things such as devotions or whatever product you have. But you can also promote the products you want to sell. Now, there is a whole philosophy and strategy on how to do this right. You need to learn that, or I can help with that.
  8. Network, network, network! You need to get out there and have meetings with people who will eventually support your work. There is a whole strategy here.
  9. Get a personal coach. I did. He helps me focus on my priorities and teaches me strategies. Find a coach that is specific to your needs.
  10. Become a personal coach. Once you learn all this, then you should share it with others. This is where the world is going. And you can help others to get there too. Promote your coaching, counseling, and consulting services on your site.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I know. This whole process can be daunting. I was there. Actually, the truth is that this whole journey will continue to be a challenge as the world of communication is constantly changing. But it does get easier, especially as people come along and help. There is a light at the end of this tunnel.

I've been blessed by many individuals who have come alongside and provided encouragement, counsel, and even coaching. They believed in me, and that was a huge inspiration to me. In fact, my coach asked me this question: "Tae, do you believe that you have something that will bless others? [insert "yes"] Then, you need to tell others about it."

And that becomes the question for you. Do you have something that you really believe will help others? Then, it's time to promote it.

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bill808 Premium Plus
You missed one step. You gotta build an opt-in list of people who want to hear from you. People who share your values.
Kav Premium
Very good initiative or advice for all those pastors/leaders out there. Things have truly changed ad all have to change with it.
Better still if they can't do it themselves, they can join WA and receive all the help they need.
Well done!
JudeP Premium
Thank you.
Loes Premium
Glad to see you again Pastor Tae, still in action I see, you are so right, you have to get out there on the net, whatever business you are into. Success with your endeavor:)
Have a great day, Loes
HelenpDoyle Premium
Hi Tae, nice to see you around. I don't look at all the activities. There are not enough hours in the day.

So you have been house cleaning so to speak. Good luck with that. I am updating a general review as products come and go. I can't even do the individual reviews on new products until I do that. I think it is harder to do the cleanup than start from scratch.

The above looks pretty good and I can certainly see where it could be translated to the building of most websites.

As the old saying goes 'Keep on truckin'.