Case Study - Website Traffic Is Growing And Hitting Record Numbers

Last Update: February 29, 2020

Hello Family,

I trust you are having a great weekend.

I just wanted to stop by and do a quick case study on my progress here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Within the last week, I have seen my traffic grow and this weekend we are hitting record numbers in the traffic to our website. Not only that, but I also launched an SEO course here on WA that comprises over 21 Step-By-Step Videos

If you are interested in the Training, you can look here.

I have been a part of WA for a little less than a year now and all the training videos, live events and questions answered by the WA Family are paying off.

Here is a screenshot of the traffic growth to our website:

If you are barely starting out at WA and haven't seen the results, you would like to see, just keep following the trainings, feel free to ask questions and try to watch the live events with Jay.they are on demand and very insightful

OK Family have a great weekend and if you have questions please post them in the comment section.below.

Pastor Dre

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JosephDHardy Premium
Were you able to build any income from this yet Dre?

I just started a week ago, and I am just trying to absorb the information currently. I am not at the stage of any real action yet, but I will get there. I am excited about what this can become for sure.

I myself am a believer. Came to the lord in 2010! I absolutely love the father, and couldn't imagine trying to live without the love and guidance form the lord.

My church is Light City Church in Fort Erie, Canada. The pastors are Tina and Ian McDonald, and Ian is actually of South African descent.

Anyways, thanks for doing God's work.

God Bless you
timstime20 Premium
Thank YOU
I second the motion Jay's training is awesome
PastorDre Premium
Thank you for the shout out. Yes indeed.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Awesome stuff, Pastor Dre! Enjoy your weekend!
PastorDre Premium
Thanks my friend. Have an amazing weekend.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Likewise, Pastor!
Joes946 Premium
Great post Pastor.
PastorDre Premium
Thank you Joe I appreciate the shout out.
LatinNomad Premium
Thank you so much Pastor Dre. I have been here 1 1/2 months now & your help has made a significant difference for me. Thank you.

Best Regards,

PastorDre Premium
You are welcome and thank you Trevor for the shout out. It is much appreciated.