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Hello Family,I trust you are well and are staying safe.I believe there are some of us who use Instagram to promote Wealthy Affiliate so I thought I would put a promotion video together that you can use to promote Wealthy Affiliate on your Instagram story.Steps To Download:1. Click Link - Download the Video FREE here.2. Click on the 3 dots on the bottom right. .3. Then click on Download.4. Upload it to your Instagram story and you are good to go.Let me know if you have questions.Keep being Aweso
Hello Family,I trust you are well and keeping safe.I just wanted to stop by and let the family know that I just finished my latest tutorial entitled "How To Build A WordPress Website for Free in 2020"This is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can build a website from scratch and yes for Free.You can use these techniques to build a website for your Online Business, your Church, your Music Group or a Personal Endeavor.Let me ask:Have you been trying to build a website, but just keep getting
Celebrating One Year Here At Wealthy Affiliate - Have I Learned Anything?Hello Family,I trust you are well and keeping safe.I just wanted to stop by and say thank you to Carson and Kyle, NinJay, and the WA Family for all the things I have learned in this year.Honestly, before joining Wealthy Affiliate I had a bad taste of affiliate marketing. I had paid a big name company $99 a month and didn't see any results.So when I had heard of Wealthy Affiliate I was a little weary, especially because of
Hello Family,I trust you are having a great weekend.I just wanted to stop by and do a quick case study on my progress here at Wealthy Affiliate.Within the last week, I have seen my traffic grow and this weekend we are hitting record numbers in the traffic to our website. Not only that, but I also launched an SEO course here on WA that comprises over 21 Step-By-Step VideosIf you are interested in the Training, you can look here.I have been a part of WA for a little less than a year now and all t
Hello Family,I just thought I would stop by and give a big shout out to Jay and the Pinterest Training that he gave this past Friday.I have watched it twice and have implemented some things that Jay covered in the training and my Pinterest stats are blowing up.Here is a screenshot of my Pinterest impressions after implementing some strategies that Jay covered.That Is over 4,000 impressions and my engaged audience has increased. Here is the training in case you missed it:https://my.wealthyaffili
Hello Family,I trust you are well.I wanted to stop by and let the WA Family know that I have just released my newest SEO training course for 2020 entitled " How To Get High Rankings On Google Using Basic SEO Techniques."Before I tell you about the course I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Kyle for all the step-by-step videos, Jay for all the Live Trainings, Carson and the customer support team for all the tech support and the WA Family for all the shout outs and love. (I feel like I am giving a
Hello Family,How are you?I wanted to stop by and let you know that I am almost done uploading my SEO Course entitled " How To Rank Higher in Google With Basic SEO Techniques "For the past two weeks I have been uploading one video at a time and there are only a few more videos to go.In case you missed the previous videos that I uploaded and would like to get a head start on the course you can see a small list of some videos below:Installing your SEO Plug InWhat Is A KeywordHow To Do Keyword Rese
Hello Family,How are you?This is the message I got today when I logged in to my Wealthy affiliate account after an amazing day at Church.I am learning so much here at Wealthy Affiliate and I am seeing the fruit of what I am learning little by little.Ok Family, have an amazing day further and be blessed.Pastor Dre
Hello Family,How are you?I just thought I would write another case study on my progress here at Wealthy Affiliate.First, my website has been gaining traffic and more visitors are stopping by my website and blog.Second, I have put together a step-by-step SEO course for 2020 as a bonus for my referrals and I am uploading the videos one at a time here on Wealthy Affiliate. Third, I received my first commission in my PayPal account today and that was cool.Like the people who make a lot of money doi
Hello Family,How are you?I just thought I would stop by and leave a case study on my website.I have now been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since April of last year. I have learned so much since being a member and there is so much more to learn.I launched a website that teaches people Search Engine Optimization. This is a competitive niche, but I have seen some progress and growth of traffic to my website. Growth in TrafficAs you can see, according to my Google Suite plugin, my traffic has been