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Hello WA Family,I trust you are well.When I logged into my account today, this is what WA greeted me with today.So I thought I would write a blog on some things that I have learned since becoming a member of wealthy affiliate.Wow... Where do I start?When I first signed up for wealthy affiliate two years ago: I did not know what keyword research was. I knew little about SEO, as a matter of fact I didn't even know what SEO stood for. I had no clue on how to optimize a blog post or website.If you
Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting For Your Website With Custom Domain.Hello FamilyI trust you are well. I just wanted to stop by and give a Big Shout Out To Kyle for the idea of starting a web hosting business that you stated in your Premium Plus Video.I launched it today..Not only am I able to offer hosting, but I can also offer On Page SEO, Web Design and Keyword Tracking, which I learned all here at Wealthy Affiliate.Just a word of encouragement for those that are barely starting out here at We
Hello Family,I trust you are well.I wanted to stop by and give you access to a social media promotion video that I made for Wealthy Affiliate.Here is the link to download the video you like it, you can use it for your social media promotions.God Bless youPastor Dre
How To Build A Website For FREE Using Generate Press ThemeHello Family,I trust you are well.I have just finished doing a live webinar where I show you how to put a 6 page website together from scratch for FREE using the Generate Press Free Theme.Yes, everything in this tutorial can be done for absolutely FREE.Here is a pic of the home page of the website:If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate or New To Designing websites, then this webinar is designed just for you.I will walk you through step-by-
Hello WA Family,I am working on a new intro video for my YouTube channel and I wanted to see if you guys can give me some feedback on which one I should use for my channel.I have two concepts in mind.- Mellow - Hyped - If you don't mind letting me know which one you like, I would really appreciate it..Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.Pastor Dre
Hi Family,I trust you are well.I just wanted to stop by and post the links to a few promotion videos that I made for Wealthy Affiliate.You can use them for your social media campaigns.Here are the direct download links: free to use them howeve
Hello Family,I trust you are well and are staying safe.I believe there are some of us who use Instagram to promote Wealthy Affiliate so I thought I would put a promotion video together that you can use to promote Wealthy Affiliate on your Instagram story.Steps To Download:1. Click Link - Download the Video FREE here.2. Click on the 3 dots on the bottom right. .3. Then click on Download.4. Upload it to your Instagram story and you are good to go.Let me know if you have questions.Keep being Aweso
Hello Family,I trust you are well and keeping safe.I just wanted to stop by and let the family know that I just finished my latest tutorial entitled "How To Build A WordPress Website for Free in 2020"This is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can build a website from scratch and yes for Free.You can use these techniques to build a website for your Online Business, your Church, your Music Group or a Personal Endeavor.Let me ask:Have you been trying to build a website, but just keep getting
Celebrating One Year Here At Wealthy Affiliate - Have I Learned Anything?Hello Family,I trust you are well and keeping safe.I just wanted to stop by and say thank you to Carson and Kyle, NinJay, and the WA Family for all the things I have learned in this year.Honestly, before joining Wealthy Affiliate I had a bad taste of affiliate marketing. I had paid a big name company $99 a month and didn't see any results.So when I had heard of Wealthy Affiliate I was a little weary, especially because of
Hello Family,I trust you are having a great weekend.I just wanted to stop by and do a quick case study on my progress here at Wealthy Affiliate.Within the last week, I have seen my traffic grow and this weekend we are hitting record numbers in the traffic to our website. Not only that, but I also launched an SEO course here on WA that comprises over 21 Step-By-Step VideosIf you are interested in the Training, you can look here.I have been a part of WA for a little less than a year now and all t