Are You in the Make Money Online Niche? Here Are Some Keywords (Partha-Style)

Last Update: May 24, 2022

I’m going to keep this very short and sweet today (well for me anyway).

I was having a conversation with Kirk in Live Chat yesterday and we were talking about keyword research This information is completely free for ALL WA Members, however, Kirk, you now owe me $100, Hahahahaha).

More specifically about the Make Money Online niche and how I do keyword research.

In truth, I’ve always ignored the MMO niche - If you want to turn a lovely and wonderful person into an insincere **** then guide them towards the MMO (I’m kidding!!! Before I get killed, hahaha).

But, it’s simply a niche that has never interested me.

With that being said, I also knew that I had never actually sat down, really thought about it, and conducted keyword research (MY WAY) in the MMO niche.

Sure, I have provided a few members with keywords here-and-there, but I’ve never really put that much effort into it (sorry).

So, I decided to do around 30 minutes keyword research in the Make Money Online niche last night.

What Did I Do?

Very basic - I took a question word - Can

I took a seed keyword within the niche - Blogging

I plugged those into the Google search bar.

I then placed letters or words between and around Can and Blogging

Some examples:

  • Can g Blogging
  • Can s Blogging
  • A Can Blogging
  • Can Blogging t
  • Can I Blogging
  • Can You Blogging

And then I checked to see what Google Autosuggest came up with.

Occasionally, I also check the People Also Ask and Related Searches sections.

As I always say, you initially want to see USER GENERATED CONTENT on page one.

And typically if you see at least 2 or 3 of these, you’ve hit the jackpot (Easy rankings).

So, you want to see search results from Quora, Reddit, Q&A sites, Social Media sites (FB, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest, etc), Forums (For the MMO niche - WarriorForum, DigitalPoint, and even a WA Blog).

Now, something else I haven’t mentioned before is that you also have a good chance of ranking if there are low domain authority websites also ranking on page one of Google.

I would typically look for websites with a Domain Authority (DA) of 20 or below if my website is in the first 6 months.

You can extend this to DA30 and below if your own site is slightly more established.

Once more if you find 2-3 (or even more) of these on page one of Google, you have a very good chance of ranking for that specific keyword (and obviously many other related keywords).

Furthermore, you really want to also quickly check out the websites that are ranking for these keywords/phrases/questions on page one.

Are they ACTUALLY answering the question?

Or has Google simply ranked them because they are a high authority website, who is discussing something fairly similar, but not exactly the same?


Plus, this is one of the few times that I might use the SiteComments feature (except for when I’m trying to get rid of/spend my credits, LOL).

Find other Make Money Online WA Bloggers who would like to receive/swap comments, leave them a comment, place your website url in the dedicated area of the comment section (name, email, website), and then leave a FANTASTIC comment.

Not only will you receive a relevant backlink (it doesn’t matter whether it’s do-follow or no-follow, at least it’s from a RELEVANT website), but you will have “social engagement” from another MMO blogger on your own comments section.

Admittedly, I will say that blog comments are probably at the lower end of the scale when trying to obtain backlinks (typically a last resort actually), but the fact that they’re coming from relevant blogs in your niche will count for something.

Here’s Your Keywords

(If you look like the lady in the image - CALL ME!! LOL)

Okay every single one of these had a Quora result on page one.

In effect, Google almost feels that there aren't 10 website articles that cover this topic well enough, so they have placed User Generated Content on page one.

Basically, there is a spot on page one up for grabs (go get it tiger).

You’ll also find there are some high Domain Authority (DA) websites on page one, but often they are simply ranking because of who they are (Neil Patel anyone)...

So, by writing a BETTER and MORE RELEVANT article THAT ANSWERS THE QUESTION, once more, you have a great chance of ranking.

I have included the Domain Authority (DA) of all the websites that are ranking on page one for that specific phrase.

FS - stands for Featured Snippet

Additionally, I would urge you to dig deeper into these keywords I’ve provided, by clicking through the “People Also Ask” and the “Related Searches” sections.

You may even find BETTER keywords/queries/topics/questions to write about.

What I’ve mainly focused on here is searchers who have initial queries about blogging.

In effect, they haven't started yet.

So, what better - Answer their questions and then lead them to your Wealthy Affiliate Review, your email sign up form, etc.

Obviously, you will have to research and write your own articles (I can’t do everything for you).

However, there’s more than enough to hopefully inspire you here.

Plus, wouldn’t it be funny if this WA blog post starts ranking on page one of Google for some of these keywords?

Here We Go:

How Do Food Bloggers on Instagram Make Money?

  • Quora
  • FS - DA39
  • DA51
  • DA21
  • DA28
  • DA35
  • DA40
  • DA19
  • DA13

Can You Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog?

  • Quora
  • FS - DA13
  • DA35
  • DA38
  • DA32
  • DA25
  • DA23
  • DA30
  • DA25

How Do Fitness Bloggers Make Money?

  • Quora
  • FS - DA51
  • DA43
  • DA43 ←- Nathaniel’s Blog (OneMoreCupofCoffee)
  • DA38
  • DA40
  • DA53
  • DA9
  • DA40
  • DA54

Can You Make Money Blogging on SquareSpace?

  • Quora
  • DA27
  • DA12
  • DA38
  • DA20
  • DA11
  • DA16
  • DA33
  • DA17

Can You Make Money Blogging on Facebook?

  • Quora
  • FS - DA96 ←-Facebook
  • DA14
  • DA96 ←--Facebook
  • DA59
  • DA36
  • DA18
  • DA66
  • DA8
  • DA6

Can You Make Money Blogging on Wix?

  • Quora
  • DA93 ←-Wix
  • DA93 ←-Wix
  • DA5
  • DA10
  • DA21
  • DA17
  • DA50

Can You Make Money Blogging on Linkedin? (One For The Lady of the Islands)

  • Quora
  • FS - DA92
  • DA95 ←-Medium
  • DA99
  • DA99 ←-All 3 (99s) are Linkedin
  • DA99
  • DA17
  • DA19
  • DA38
  • DA49

Can I Start a Blog With My Android Phone?

  • Quora
  • FS - DA99 ←-Google Support
  • DA84
  • DA45
  • DA1 ←-YEP, you read that right, a domain authority of just ONE (and NO backlinks)
  • DA93
  • DA78
  • DA90
  • DA80

Can I Start a Blog Without Hosting?

  • Quora
  • FS - DA54
  • DA45
  • DA28
  • DA69
  • DA33
  • DA60
  • DA11
  • DA4

Can I Start a Travel Blog Without Travelling? (Didn’t someone @ WA recently write about this?)

  • Quora
  • DA14
  • DA10
  • DA56
  • DA14
  • DA27
  • DA1
  • DA50
  • DA56

Final Thoughts

Well, not much more I can say.

What are you waiting for?

Go get to researching and writing.

I will add that it does make sense to dig a little deeper with these question keywords (People Also Ask and Related Searchers), as if we suddenly have 5,000 WA Members all targeting the same topics, you will have in effect, created your own competition.

Thank You For Reading


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Godstrong Premium
wow, much is still to be learnt on keyword research. most times I write without keyword research, and more of the time I research but not many results that I can say I really understood.
I gaze I really need to understand more about keywords and how to really handle them for good rankings. thanks so much, Partha for the good work here.
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Watch half a million WA members jump on these keywords. I don't like competition so I will see where this goes ha!

Great teaching Partha.

My new website is NOT about making money online. How can this be since I want to make money online with it?

I just wrote a blog about it. And my plan is devious.


ParthaB Premium
Hahaha, I shall check it out!!
Canadiens99 Premium
Thanks Partha, where do you check domain authority?
ParthaB Premium
Hey Eric,

Here's my reply to Rudy just below:

"There's actually quite a few chrome extensions.

You can use WhatsMySerp or MozBar.

Literally just type:

WhatsMySerp Chrome Extension


MozBar Chrome Extension

into Google and you can download them from there.

Many chrome extensions also provide other metrics, e.g. backlinks, article word count, spam score, organic traffic, total ranking keywords, etc."

drjec Premium
This article is full of great suggestions. It's an outline of how to do effective keyword searching. Thanks so much.
RCanty Premium Plus
Appreciate the tips, ParthaB! They, like you, are greatly appreciated. looking forward to hitting page 1 a few times. 👀