The New Year Begins for Real

Last Update: January 05, 2014

Yes, I know that January 1 was a few days ago, but it didn't really feel like the new year had begun yet. Lots of schools and businesses were closed for the week because of the way the days fell this year. Things don't really get back in gear until tomorrow.

I'm kind of happy for that because I needed a "practice week" to get my 2014 schedule in gear. Also, I got whacked with the flu stick, so that got in the way of getting very much accomplished over the past few days.

But the slow start is over now, and the first full week of the year looms ahead on Monday. I'm ready and eager to tackle it with my full effort. There's so much to learn here at Wealthy Affiliate and so much work to do on my websites, not to mention lots going on with my other businesses. I can already see that it will be a successful 2014 as long as I manage my time wisely and give each of my ventures the effort that it requires.

I hope that everyone else here at WA is as eager for that first week of 2014 to start as I am. Any time is a good time to start a new business, but there's something especially inspiring about the new year. It's a time to start with high hopes and a clean slate. I did some "rough drafts" over the past few days, but tomorrow I start writing my new epic novel, "The Tale of 2014," in earnest.

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superkik Premium
Hi, thank you for the follow. Happy new year to you too.
BIS Premium
Glad you're feeling better Barb. Good luck with your 'epic novel' !!
hart48 Premium
Eager to get started back with things getting back on schedule.
Trialynn Premium
Eager to go!
KD6PAO Premium
Bring on Monday….