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Last Update: January 16, 2014

One of my favorite Wealthy Affiliate benefits is the unlimited website hosting. Granted, the biggest value is in the training because it's comprehensive, up to date, and comes with an active community that's always willing to help you. But the hosting has lots of benefits, too, and it was a big draw in enticing me to go premium.

I have several websites that I've run for years. They were either hard-coded in HTML and Javascript back in the day (one dates back to 1999) or created with Dreamweaver.

Now we have Wordpress, which simplifies everything to an amazing degree. I know I can run it on pretty much any host, but I love the authoring platform here at Wealthy Affiliate. It's easy to get into my websites and check my email. There are countless templates from which to choose and people always online if I have any questions. It makes creating a website a no brainer, whether you're experienced or just starting out.

I purchased 13 URLs when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, since I wanted to play around with several different niches. My current businesses are taking up a lot of my time, but eventually I'll be able to devote more time to the new sites. When I do, hosting them here will simplify things quite a bit. Sure, you can get dirt cheap hosting if you look around, but I love having it as part of my pre-paid 12 month premium membership. It simplifies things for me, and that's a huge plus for someone as busy as I am.

I think the website hosting kind of gets pushed to the side sometimes because Wealthy Affiliate has so many other big, sexy benefits, like the training, community, and affiliate program. But it's a great perk, so I wanted to give it a little plug. I recommend that every member take full advantage of this handy-dandy benefit.

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BIS Premium
Yes - it is a great perk.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Barb - I agree.

I have two separate hosting platforms elsewhere - one a dedicated server, which is for a specific .net application I run, and has to be on it's own server - and another, which is a VPS Cloud based system - which I can run 10 websites on.

Thing is, they are all either WP or static HTML (with one exception), and I'm paying £70 per month (not for the dedicated server, just the VPS). Unfortunately I'm locked into a contract for a while yet - but I guarantee I will be with WA a lot longer than with that other hosting provider - and as soon as my contract is up, the WP sites at least, will be winging their way across to WA. I'll gladly pay the monthly fee just for the training and the "banter" as we call it in Scotland - the hosting is a definite plus!

All the best Barb,

Karyskis Premium
Couldn't agree more!
Trialynn Premium
Very true!
mackiejw Premium
Too true