So Sad About the Scams

Last Update: January 03, 2014

I was reading my community's intranet today, and once again there was a post trying to entice people into a "get rich quick" multi level scam. The person who posted it claims to be making a six figure income, yet just a couple of weeks ago she posted asking where to find the most deeply discounted theme park tickets. Doesn't sound like someone pulling down big bucks to me.

Our intranet is rife with MLMs touting everything from miracle diet pills to health potions to legal servces to goodness only knows what else. It saddens me that so many people keep falling for the same scam over and over again, albeit with a different product or service at the core.

That's why I'm so happy to be here at Wealthy Affiliate. This is reality, not "get rich quick." If those same people joined up over here and put the same amount of time and money into following the WA plan to grow an online business, they'd be so much better offer.

I guess selling a miracle diet pill or anti-aging lotion sounds a lot more "sexy" than building your own website and doing actual work, but the proof is in the end result. The same people in my community seems to be onto a new MLM every few months, so it's pretty obvious the old ones are failing. Meanwhile, I'm here for the long term, and I'm already making money. It's a solid business, not a flavor of the week, and I'm glad to be here.

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Kyle Premium
This is what is taught within these programs. It is the "fake it before you make it" approach and in order to sell to others, you need to "show" success....even if it means lying about your income, showing pictures of cars you don't own, or standing in front of a mansion that you just walked by.

These are everywhere and all of these folks are going to continue doing what they do...faking it...and never actually making it as a result. They are missing a core ingredient to success, HELPING people.
JoeFlow267 Premium
Paragraph one is what prevents me from promoting products from clickbank by giving a review of something I haven't tried. It's not uncommon for reviews to be made this way but how? Is that not unethical? To recommend a product I haven't tried?

I know the easy fix is to just don't go there in the first place.
Gordi Premium
Kyle, I think these scammers don't so much as know the meaning of words Help and Honesty
Melh1015 Premium
I was in fact one of those people that tried MLM etc and waited for the dough to start rolling in. Nope - I was wrong. I am very happy here with what I have accomplished so far. I am no longer looking for the next big thing but now looking forward to creating my next website. More success to you!
Gordi Premium
Totally agree with you, Melh
KD6PAO Premium
One of my most believed in sayings - "There is no such thing as a free lunch"! Anything worth getting in life is worth working for! I watched two of those get rich overnight videos this morning - I watch them because they make me laugh!
Trialynn Premium
Lazy does not work in this business! You will be branded a bunny rabbit, jumping from product to product!
msdj8163 Premium
People want the work done for them. They do not want a business that might be too much work. So anyone that advertises getting rich in a day or month will always get a following but only for a short period of time.

I much prefer to have my own business so I can control what I want to do with my business and market what I want.

Thanks for sharing. Debbie