Attention Starters: I Am New To Wealthy Affiliate, Now What?

Last Update: June 04, 2020

If you just sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you may feel a bit lost at times, although you have been welcomed and told what exactly you should do to make this work for you.

So if you are wondering what I do next, this post is for you.

You gave your first biggest step: You made it here!

So here are a few things to make the best out of being here!

Have You Completed Your Profile?

This takes 5 minutes of your time.

  • You can add a picture of yourself, or if you are shy, there are some cool pictures offered to chose from. Some are nice cars, some are more nature. Whatever you feel identified with.
  • You can say a little about you or a lot about you. You can tell everyone here who you are, what you do, or just why you are here. (If you tell more about yourself great!, it will take 10 minutes instead of 5)
  • Set your goals and how much you are willing/capable to dedicate to achieve them. I treat this separately further down.

If you did already, Great! One more step ahead!

Set Your Goals At Wealthy Affiliate

You can set here goals that you have thought or planned before, or you can set new goals for this new endeavor at Wealthy Affiliate.

But the thing is that this is so IMPORTANT.

Declare what you want to earn, what is something that will make you happy and will make you financially free, and how much you will put into it in terms of time (and work).

By doing that you are making a commitment with yourself. You can be as specific as you want, or you can be more reserved if you like, but knowing inside of you what you actually mean.

Is written down, is decided. You have only one choice that will take you there: TO GO FOR IT!

Start With The Training And Stick Strictly To It

Here is where you go, and there is where you must stay. Close all other screens, don't get distracted while you doing every section of the training. Start with this link and continue along the way, it is very easy to follow.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 Getting Rolling

Take breaks, it helps you to assimilate better the new knowledge, but trust that this knowledge is so valuable.

Complete each taskd and tick it on your task tracking. That helps you to bookmark where to continue, and also to see your progress.

And Is FREE! You are not paying for this 10 Incredible Lessons! They are your welcome to this world of online business, and they are the real foundation.

All the people who is successful or is planning to be, in this community of Wealthy Affilaite, follows exactly every one of these basic steps.

They are basic, but they don't get forgotten, they will continue to be in use for the rest of your online business career.

They will set you to "Entrepreneurial Mode".

How to get the best out of this training? Doing it honestly, I explain that further below...

Keep going because the best just started!

Very, Very, Very Important!: NO CHEATING!

  • You have first and foremost to START!. Action is putting your goals into motion!
  • In doing the training, you have to be honest to yourself.
  • Is the start of the realization of your goals, whatever they are.
  • Nobody loses anything (not they are know) by getting knowledge. Knowledge is Power.
  • Is the training that you need in order to do the right things that can conduct you to success (the training is not everythin, your work and determination are very important too, but the training gives you the tools to put the work and determination in the right way, instead of drifting around trying this or that).

How Not To Cheat Rules

  • Start from the beginning, not from the end
  • Watch the Videos Included in each lesson, watch them from beginning to end, there is a huge reason why they are there. You learn more by seeing the things in action.
  • Read the lesson, following the video, or before the video, as you wish, but reading the lesson reinforces the knowledge in you 10 times. It will fix the knowledge in your mind that you don't have to be back every time because "how was that done?".
  • If something is not clear for you, take a break and repeat the lesson. You have a teacher that is a multimillionaire and you can control at your will (No offense Kyle). That means you can make him repeat every word or screenshot of a training as much as you need to understand it. Although in general, you will not need to do so if you really focus on learning.
  • Do not just open a lesson and go directly to the tasks and click them completed: You are setting yourself for failure if you do so.
  • Is funny but many newbies want to know everything in one go, and so they simply scan quickly each video, read with the eye-side the lessons, click on all the tasks without doing them actually, and then they get a badge! The badge will automatically pop up in your profile if you complete all the lessons whether you actually did them or not. But those who do so, they know that they are lying to themselves. DON'T DO THAT TO YOURSELF. Or asnwer this very honestly: Who are you actually cheating with that badge earned in the quick and wrong done way?
  • Scan the training quickly is fine, but just to go back and do it from start to end. Better not to scan.
  • Apply, Apply and Apply every new skill you learn, for every skill you learn, for every little bit of knowledge, there is a task. Each task is designed to take you to the full understanding of the knowledge, at the same time that you are putting bricks for a solid business foundation, over which you can build after your skyscraper!
  • If you do the above, you are going in the exact direction you should go!
  • Don't let anybody or anything interfere with your training and your progress.

If you are doing already what is written above and you are not cheating you are giving huge steps towards your goals.

Have You Started Your Training? What Are You Waiting For?

Here is where to start, don't get use too much though to get things done for you 😂😂😂 !

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 Getting Rolling

That is the place to go, and I will not give you any other link aside of this one.

I have a few more things to tell you, that are very important. If you drop this post now and start your training right away, then go for it!. You can come back and see the rest later.

So if you been waiting to start your training because of listening to me, shame on me!

Or you can stay just a bit more and see the way this journey becomes more real!

For now, all what you have seen and all what you have done or not, and all what you can do, has cost you nothing but your time and interest in YOURSELF!

You don't have to complete everything right away, but if you really propose it to yourself, in a week or so, you can easily complete thoroughly and honestly the first module, the first 10 lessons (and be also done with all the tasks involved in the process).

Test yourself, do it! When is the last time you got a training of quality, something that you really can say "this is something" for nothing? With a roadmap of "actions to be taken to success online included"? I think I know the answer...

Becoming A Premium Member

After and only after you completed your 1st level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification, starting from the link above (this time you have to go and get it yourself!) I have here a quick road map to continue your journey with the least risk for your pocket.

This is not sales pitch and no hype to make you go and get Premium.

The fact is that in order to scale and make your business grow, you will need the features and increased and upgraded tools. Why? First of all, your training doesn't end in the first 10 lessons. You will continue to grow your business and you cannot be alone for that, so you need more guidance.

So that is why, again is no sales pitch, if that is not the reason in mind, is better that you do not even put your hand in your pocket. Nobody wants nobody here to lose, or not to succeed.

But it can't be everything for free. There are costs in maintaining this great infrastructure for you and everybody else here, and that we don't have to worry about anything else but our business.

That is obvious, that is something that you surely understand.

So how to go about going premium, how to go about that "oh no, now I have to "spend" money"...

Here are some reasons:

  • When you reach this point, you will know (because you did the first part and understand already where you are heading) If you did not do it the right way, before you just quit because of money, try it again, doing it the way I explain you above. See the difference!
  • You are not throwing money away: This is not me saying it, this is all the community of premium members that can give faith of it. What you will get for your Premium Subscription is a waaaaay higher value! And not to talk about reaching your goals...
  • To this point, you have already gotten so much value, knowledge and inspiration, help and support, and put so much of yourself, that it is really worth it and smart to invest in yourself.
  • In other words, to this point you will be miles away from your starting point, and in the direction to achieve your goals, whatever they are.

Before You Become Premium, Analize This

Before you get back to START WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, I will leave you a little Road Map to become a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate, enjoy all the benefits of continuous training and growth, improved tools, community support, private coaching and so much more... Without having to break your Piggy Bank!

  • Decide only and only when you are ready. That means you can keep using your Free Starter Membership to learn more from other members, practice what you have learnt, read more or re-do parts or your full free training, get fully acquainted with the platform, and so on, and most important: If the day you came here was "A" and your goals were "B": How will you VALUE-MARK your progress and the road you started building to go from A to B. In other words, how much you know now you did not know before you could ever learn, know and achieve? For example: You have a new website, you built it, how about that? And you know what you can do with it! How about that?
  • If you cannot see that, and you really did the free stage honestly, maybe you will withdraw, and you will leave with many great values learnt... but I believe it will not be the case.
  • You have 6 months actually to build your business in Free-Mode or understand more, but for me, if you are not ready within the first month to the latest to carry on, then you are not a fit, or the model of business is not a fit for you, sad but true. Still you can stay and re-plan the things, give a few tries, learn more, keep engaging with the great mentors and all you will see is that success happens every minute here. Your success only depends on YOU PUTTING THE ACTION TO IT and mostly at this point. But if you are not doing anything, you are just seeing it... That happens to many unfortunately. Is not the fault of the system, or the business model.

The Road Map To Become Premium Hassle-Free, Minimum Risk.

  • If you take action timely enough, you can enjoy the benefit of a huge discount in your first month, paying ony $19. That is not only money out of your pocket. You have now access to the whole Online Entrepreneur Certification program, and you can build storeys 1 to 5 over the foundations you built already of your new building. You have one whole month for that and for much more!
  • To this point, you can re-evaluate what you've done, what you have at this point, after the first month Premium. Not happy? Will you go then? What will you lose? Nothing because all the time that you put into it, or maybe you did not do enough, you've been learning, you've been interacting, you have been in the online business. Or you can continue and keep growing it.
  • So if you are not so sure yet, but you really been putting what is needed and you feel and see and understand the nature of this business of building for the future, you can go for one more month maybe? $49. I am not selling, I am just giving the values because that is what it cost, cannot lie, and I am suggesting the way to go about the best for you or I think for anyone.

That is the maximum risk to be taken in terms of money only, in terms of what you actually get for that money, is nothing.

We are talking about $68 for 2 months (plus your free account training and using, including limited time Premium Features for free).

To the most, you maybe added to that the cost of your own Domain name registration but that is just $13-$19 for a whole year, and is yours to keep anyway.

I am not underestimating the value of money nowadays, we all treasure our hard earning money.

But there is a point in which investing on ourselves is good, and that point is this point on that list.

If you reach this point, I am sure that you will not say I tried everything and this is not working, because in this exact point, you will be most likely saying, now is my time!

I personally did not wait this long. I was hooked for Premium 3 or 4 days after, not only this time, but the first time I was at Wealthy Affiliate, which I quit 2 years ago and it was the worst mistake I ever made.

That is why I made this post, to make things the most risk-free possible for those who are starting, but in fact, there will never be any kind of risk at WA.

From here you can decide to stay and go for more...

Just for your information if you did not see it yet while at WA:

Yearly Premium: $495 (That is 10 months out of 12). Plus great bonuses.

Two reasons to go Premium Yearly (this is just my opinion, what I know):

  • Savings and bonuses
  • Commitment: I personally am Yearly because I want to give the best out of myself and achieve milestones in the first year, not that I will receed after, but that is my path, and aside of the savings, made me more committed.

Talk To Your Mentor, Your Referrer

If you are in a decision point, and what I have told you is not enough to take your future from the "horns", you can always consult to your mentor.

That is the person who directly or indirectly invited you to be here.

Whether it was an ad that you saw, some content that you read, or a recommendation from social media posts, you landed here because someone cares for you.

That is your mentor. Before you make a decision that will impact in your future for one way or the other, talk to him/her.

If I am your mentor or referrer, talk to me! 😂😂😂😂

Also you can talk to anyone in the community about any concern, and certainly they will give you an honest answer and their own experience, nobody will tell you "yeah go ahead you will be rich tomorrow", that is for sure.

You can do this!. Anyone can!

No matter age, sex, background, knowledge, trade of life.

You don't have to recruit anyone, in fact, the people I have referred here, are not "recruits"!!

They are people that ended in here because I love this place and I want to be successful out of all I learned and continue to learn here, and share that chance with others.

My niche is not "MMO", my niche is Wealthy Affiliate, my niche is "Earn Your Financial Freedom And Time, Learning And Working Your Way To It"

But you can do this with anything that you love or you are good at or just interested or passionate about. And you can do it in any language, you need to know english to understand the training and the platform, that is it.

Is that Music? Games? LifeCoaching? Parenting? Hiking? Teaching? Trivial Things?

WATHEVER! You can do this!

You are here already: Make the most out of it, one step at a time!

Some Inspiring Posts

If I didn't inspire you, which in the end is my goal, not only if you sign up as Premium or stay, but if you think about it, many of the concepts above will apply in anything in your life:

Goals, Action, Persistence, Invest In Yourself, and so on.

These have been, are and will be part of the life of everyone, in the right or the wrong direction.

So if I did not inspire you enough, I leave you with some posts from members that I read and I loved:

They are members at all levels of success, the ones starting to have it, the ones that have it in abundance here.

I cannot share my story here yet, in detail, I am shy still beside others. But I can help in anything you may need.

My story of success at Wealthy Affiliate for now and in a nutshell, is that I am here and I am going in the direction I want, building my future and the best for my beloved ones.

If you liked this post, found it inspiring, if it resonates with you or helps you, then let me know with a like or a comment.

And if you like it and don't click on the green button, I am happy anyway, we are here to help each other in our ventures.

Cheers and talk to you soon!


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