Holy Temples!

Last Update: October 29, 2018

...so what kind of life do i want to have...

I'm reaching my middle ages and my (newly) teenage daught has all these questions about health and diet. I give her the best advice I can based on he data I have, but do I really live by it? It is important me that she have the most sound education on what practices are truly healthy, and I've done a LOT of research discovering things to teach her.

i am her nearsest example

One thing that I have overlooked, is how important it is for me to apply what I have learned to my own life. When it comes to what she learns, she will look to me as her closest example. All that I learn (and teach) is potentially meaningless if they are just "rules" that I apply to her.

In cultures all over the world, people revere personal health and wellness. As societies develop, there is a tendancy to push true wellness aside for "success". But isn't success living the best holistic life for yourself and your loved ones? People have built temples to the "gods" of wellness and fertility, but the greatest temple is the one we live in everyday. Our bodies, souls and minds are the greatest, most beautiful temples ever constructed.

i can make the change ... today!

I've begun to pursue relationships with people who are passionate about living well. The more research i do on the subject, the more certain I am that working from the inside out will net the best overall results.

I am extremely fortunate to be able to really bring my daughter alongside me in my journey. I have begun to teach her about blogging, and creating public value. I will bring her alongside me in creating holistic value for myselfin my physical, mental, and spiritual health.

As I shape this quest into a lifestyle, I commit to offer value to all those out there (especially parents) who face the same struggles. I will be a "living sacrifice" in my own temple. I will show the world my progress, so that I am the nearest example of true success for my daughter!


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smartketeer Premium
Hi Orvell,

Great article. Thanks!

But you should know that sharing your links in your post isn't a good idea ...

Have you seen this? Not to mention that we are all WA members here, so your WA affiliate link is quite "irrelevant" in this environment :)
Orvell1 Premium
thanks for pointing this out. I made a BIG mistake, and left out a paragraph from the article. i try to make every post i do valuable to anyone who reads it. thanks for making me aware of this mistake
Cass51 Premium
I think it is a wonderful thing to be a great role model to your daughter. Great work! Cass
KayOSmith Premium
Goodonya! That's so good of you to be working on being the best for you and your daughter :) Our children really help us out, don't they? What a great article! You are so encouraging! Thank you!
Orvell1 Premium
thanks Kay! it's so true. any success i have is made 10x better caues i can share it with my daughter and encourage her to really pursue her passions