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January 29, 2019
My site is all about telling real life stories, but I love to right fiction too. My friends have been encouraging me for some time to post some of the things that I write, so I started making weekly posts of this short story I'm writing now. Here's a little excerpt for all you WA members who enjoy a little fantasy fiction. Peace - Juice2. ONE YEAR AGOMOST of the buildings in New Dorf had been submerged decades ago. Those who lived here now were accustomed to what they called “swamp li
October 29, 2018 what kind of life do i want to have... I'm reaching my middle ages and my (newly) teenage daught has all these questions about health and diet. I give her the best advice I can based on he data I have, but do I really live by it? It is important me that she have the most sound education on what practices are truly healthy, and I've done a LOT of research discovering things to teach her.i am her nearsest example One thing that I have overlooked, is how important it is for me to a
So far, my experience at WA has been great!I hope I can encourage anyone working to make their dreams a reality to KEEP GOING!Only months ago, I was abruptly laid off for no fault of my own. I've never relied on a single stream of income. I've always kept contract work, and side jobs close at hand. Within a month of being laid off, the company I did contract work for lost their three biggest clients (about 80% of their contracts). A few months later, both of my parents suffered medical cond