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My name is Silvia and I am from Latvia - one of the Baltic States.
I have two grown up children (the daughter and the son) and two small naughty grandchildren. And I have my 9-5 work (preparing projects dealing with EU funding, working with law office and financial advisers).
My interests and hobbies - pets, animals, gardening, travel and, of course, IM.
I have some experience online, however, a little bit different. With support of WA team I hope to learn here many things.
I have restored my affiliation here because I have become certain that it is a right place to be for a person who is interested in IM, so now I am a premium member and
I wish to learn how to be successful in this sphere.
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Sui_generis Premium
Thanks for the follow. Your life sounds like mine did at one point. I wish I had tried to do this while I was still working but my 9-5 was more like 6-6 on a good day and I was too tired. I wish you much success!
lionelp Premium
Thanks for following Oriol, Best of success to you in all your endeavors.
Oriol Premium
Thank you lionelp. Best wishes with WA!
DavidArturo Premium
Hey, many thanks for the follow!
superspike19 Premium
Hi Sylvia,
Follow the teaching. Build your site about your niche and watch the good time roll, after the hard work of course! We're here to help, just let us know how.
God bless,
andypitt Premium
Thanks for the follow Silvia
Anewcreature Premium
Silvia thank you for the follow. also I am always looking to meet new folks
tntgoodrich Premium
Good luck here at WA. It sounds as if your interests may lead you to a niche you can be passionate about and don't mind researching and writing. Tina
Rick H Premium
Thanks for the follow Silvia! Look for a private message from me.
younitedway Premium
Thank you for the follow Silvia good luck in 2014
RadiantHealt Premium
Hi Silvia, thanks for the follow... wishing you much success with WA this time around! :-) Juliet
Angelsway Premium
Hi there. Thank you for following me, judy
giludi Premium
Thanks for the follow and (re) welcome at WA. If you need any assistance or advice, don't hesitate and contact me.
vgomber Premium
Thanks Silvia for the connection. It's great to know about your impressive professional experience and IM goals. Look forward to interacting with you, learning from you and being of help. Best wishes.
Nam Premium
Thank you, Silvia. Your job is quite special when compared with others in WA. It's very interesting to have you in the network. Best wishes for 2014. Noah.
mikesdesk Premium
Hi Silvia thank you for returning the follow, call if you need help, all the very best.
skiergal Premium
Silvia thanks for the follow. Good to see you back. All the best!
Blessings44 Premium
Hi there Sylvia ,thanks for the follow and a very warm welcome back to WA! Wishing you all the best on your journey here. Lydia
Damien Lane Premium
Yeah Silvia, so well put - the support of the team makes alot of difference. I feel you are going to have a big '14 (not sure why...I am just getting a little better at trusting my intuition lately).

Cheers for the follow Silvia......
anitab Premium
Thanks for the followback! I have some naughty grandchildren too!
Jackiex4 Premium
Hello Silvia, thanks for the follow. I'm following you back.
Labman Premium
Hi and Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back.
nosafk Premium
Hi silvia, thanks for the follow
pillex Premium
Hello Silvia! Thanks for the follow and nice to meet the neighbor here:))
Oriol Premium
You RE always welcome and I wish you a Great success :-)
Jan Bolhuis Premium
Hello Silvia, Thanks for the follow. I wish you a lot of success. We all love IM and there are a lot of people who can help you (us).