Thank YOU Friends! GOALS and Gratitude Equal Success

Last Update: July 31, 2019

I Am.........

I am pretty excited, gratful and priveledged to be here with you all. As this breath of fresh air is developing momntum and I do owe it all to you guys. I see each and everyy one of you as a very valued member of my TEAM!:) Every little like comment of support and inspiration is adding up as a big drive to BECOME the guy I set out to be from the Dreams I see that can be from having wealthy affiliate success.

Short term Goals are getting checked of at lighting speed:)

One of those goals was to become more active inside the community:) to be helped, and to be helpful! To be encouraged and to be encouraging.:)To ASK! and to answer.

Today Is a proud moment as I reached the top 50 of WA, something I never though I would do let alone achieve. Obviously anything is possible as well as probable with the right mindset.

Another Goal was to write my hiney off and gain some attraction back to my existing niche sites. And further my very lucritive brand new niche site.

Tick tick and ticking of these goals are so energizing and rewarding.

I do struggle a bit with updating my old content and that is a task that is taking longer than I'd hoped. I guess its a mind stuggle I have developed from having a hate reltionship with double handilng, However the couple I have completed are gaining traction, so that is driving my feet to kick me in the butt.:)

Zoneing into wealthy affiliate and becoming part of the team is doing me so good and I am trully feeling blessed. The rewards of rankings, traffic and conversions is just a bonus.

Thank You Everybody!

I love THIS WA WORLD and all its people.

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firstlearn Premium
Well done Rob. Glad you are enjoying your time here.

Linda103 Premium
Great post Robert.
DaisyK78 Premium
Top 50
Great post, I like the small goals idea, less overwhelming that way.
OrgainITGuy Premium
Thank you Daisy.

It is like, The one step at a time is working for, and leaving my big ones as Vision's rather than goals is kinda alleviating to me.:)

Thanks for stopping cuz.
DaisyK78 Premium
Me too.
It can get a bit much at times.
Chur bro lol
Vickic3 Premium
Hey Rob
I use site content to write all my posts and then edit in Wordpress
The reason I love site content is that I can set my goals and this helps me to achieve really great writing results.

Updating old posts is a great idea and a must as we develop our sites and it is incredible what good updating can do to improve rankings as well which is what we want so double handling is a good thing, my friend
All the best winning over those goals and achieving greatness online
Go well, my friend
OrgainITGuy Premium
Man.....we need a love button on our comments:)

Updating is an imperative in my situation lol. They are way behind in terms of nearly everything SEO 2020+ LMAO and I haven't touched them in few years, That kiwiboy was hope-less in that regard..

But it's "All coming back, its all coming back to me NOOOWW!" !

I had never used site content much in the past, but I do like it to.The challenge of oneself is great, Do you know if we can separate the page to add a block? inside WP.

Heres to Vicki3's Mindset to Madness lol

Bless You with my spirit of Thank Full Ness!

Party on...
Vickic3 Premium
I use a page builder Rob and this enables blocks if this is what you mean
I have a feeling you are going to fly now you are renamed!!!
You rock!!
Carson2 Premium
I think that's great news for you and your achievements.
OrgainITGuy Premium
Thanks Carson
your words are wealthy:)