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Last Update: Jul 20, 2014


Here is my first post.

I just want to let all of you that I joined the WA in June 23,2014 and so far I have

finished my level 2.I am very happy,excited and ready to move to level 3 and

continue with my education and at the same time building my business.

About the experience I have to say that it´s been great.What I really love here is

the incredible teaching and the amazing community which for me is priceless.Every

time I needed help always have been many wonderful people willing to do it and

that has made my journey easier and I want to take the opportunity to thanks all

of you.

My prayer is that with the help of each other we all make our dreams come true and

soon be working for oursself in something we truly love and enjoy while at the same

time building our sincere and lasting friendship.

Here is the link to my website which still need a lot of work but I´m happy with,

May my God always keep you healthy and bless you in everything you do!

Your cuban friend,


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I love coconuts and you did an exellent job on your website

Good job on your site so far. Love coconut oil. I have been using it for over two years now.

Thanks Melody and I´m glad you´ve been using the coconut oil cuz it is very healthy.

Well said Orestes keep up the great work you are doing great to be in your network.
Take care and be well my friend

Thank you so much my good friend´s also great for me to be in your always blessed and smiling :-)

Feeling mutual take care continue to go forward as your are.

Orestes, congratulations on your first month here at Wealthy Affiliate. Sounds like you're making excellent progress! Keep up the good work. Wish you all the best, Patrick

Thanks my good friend and wish the same to you!

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