Article With 3500 Words!

Last Update: August 08, 2019

A short note to state that long articles are better!

I've been away helping my mom moving to a senior residence for what took the better part of a month. This has been very demoralizing for the website business.

I'm happy to say I kept busy over the past 2 days to publish an article with over 3500 words.

To me, it illustrates a few principles in the WA training: you get better at what you practice, you get better with time, you get better at writing; furthermore writing longer articles is better, writing authoritative articles covering a topic is better.

Hopefully, I'll be able to stay productive over the next weeks.

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Tmgreen Premium
That's great! I've been aiming higher on my articles as well, haven't hit 3,500 though...


jetrbby80316 Premium
Fantastic! Great job on your 3500 words Phillipe!
firstlearn Premium
Practise makes perfect Philippe.

Talk2Ray Premium
Hi Philippe. We all improve the more time we work at writing. Doing an article with over 3500 words is pretty impressive, it sounds like you got this covered.
Hope everything works out for you and your mom.
Hollshope Premium
I agree, writing does get easier with time!